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Geoff Gillan is an Australian game designer and author. He wrote several scenarios for Call of Cthulhu in the early 1990s as well as being the mastermind behind the epic and popular Horror on the Orient Express (Campaign).

In the 1990s Geoff also wrote for Elric and also Pendragon, Chaosium's Arthurian roleplaying game.

Since leaving the gaming industry, Geoff has focussed on writing fiction. He has had one novel, Envious Gods, published in the U.S. and has several other books in the works.

Published Call of Cthulhu Game Material

Online Call of Cthulhu Game Material

Contributions to Published Elric/Stormbringer Game Material

  • 1991: Perils of the Young Kingdom
  • 1991: Sorcerers of Pan Tang
  • 1993: Melniboné
  • 2001: Corum

Contributions to Published Pendragon Game Material

  • 1992: Perilous Forest
  • 1999: Tales of Chivalry and Romance (The Adventure of the New-Made Knight)

Published Novels

  • 2006: Envious Gods