Ghoul's Manuscript

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Title: The Ghoul's Manuscript, AKA The Testament of the Great Ghoul, The Charnel Text

Origin: Scott David Aniolowski's The Unspeakable Oath 4 (link)


Original Manuscript

  • author: unknown
  • Language: English (sub-literate)
  • Number of known copies (if rare): only a handful of copies exist, largely in the hands of the Cult of Mordiggian
  • Last known location of surviving copies: the original copy is located in the Dreamlands

Physical Description: a crude book typical of Ghoul workmanship: bound in human flesh and hinged with carved human bones, and penned individually by hand in the barely-legible, sub-literate scrawl of its owner, generally copied from the original, but often also containing pages of mad insights and strange commandments gained by its owner directly from Mordiggian through meditation and dreaming.

General Content: This tome, if it can be deciphered and considered accurate, contains some of the deeper secrets of the Ghouls and their origins, history and belief, as well as detailed descriptions of their worship of Mordiggian.

  • "The Beginning of Days" - the Ghoul "creation myth", describing their fall from grace in the Garden of Midian.
  • The nature and worship of Mordiggian
  • A section that serves as a sort of "sacred cook book" for the preparation of the dead for consumption, including the ideal conditions, times, and places for performing the ghouls' elaborate ceremonial feasts.
    • "The Egyptian Feast", an authentic dinner such as Ghoul Pharaohs might have attended in Ancient Egypt, which the Ghouls orchestrate once every five thousand years....

Mythos Content

Spells: Call Mordiggian, Contact Ghoul

  • Sanity Loss: -1D10 sanity
  • Mythos Knowledge: +5 Cthulhu Mythos



Associated Mythos Elements

  • cult: Cult of Mordiggian
  • deity: Mordiggian
  • race: Ghouls
  • location: the Garden of Midian, a legendary Ghoul paradise described in the tome
  • location: Dreamlands, where most copies of this tome are found
  • person: Fuad Ramses, a Ghoulish serial killer active in 1960s New Jersey, who prepared his victims for an "Egyptian Feast" in honor of a deity he called "Ishtar, Mother of the Veil of Darkness", according to the rites transcribed in his copy of the Ghoul's Manuscript

Heresies and Controversies

  • This book is cursed: Any human who reads it is cursed to transform into a Ghoul within a few days, tempted to consume human flesh to complete the transformation. Only those with iron wills can resist the overwhelming temptation to complete the transformation until it subsides over a period of days. (The Unspeakable Oath 4)
    • During his researches into his ancestry and the Ghoul "cult", the Comte D'Erlette, author of the infamous Cultes des Goules, may have come upon this tome in the possession of a supposedly long-dead ancestor and worshiper of Mordiggian; having read the tome in the hopes of gaining some insight into the general Ghoul "cult", D'Erlette instead found the deeper secrets contained in this cursed manual for the Cult of Mordiggian and, succumbing to its curse, became a Ghoul himself. (fan theory)
  • This book is very difficult for investigators to come upon, being held mainly by reclusive Dreamlands Ghouls who are members of the secret Cult of Mordiggian. Few investigators have ever seen the tome themselves, and most of those that have are apparently usually entrusted with the honor by the Ghouls, apparently perceived as strong candidates for joining the Ghouls, and possibly because the investigators actually have some Ghoulish ancestry. On the rare occasion that investigators have taken this tome from Ghouls through force, stealth, or deception, the Ghouls have aggressively pursued the investigators to attempt to kill and eat them, and retrieve the tome. (fan theory)
  • The "Egyptian Feast", is a grand and sacred ceremony and cannibal feast performed by the Cult of Mordiggian once every five thousand years, and described in detail in the Ghoul's Manuscript.... (Blood Feast (1963 film))

Keeper Notes

  • The investigators are approached by someone for help: their client has stolen a copy of the The Ghoul's Manuscript, and is now being pursued by a Ghoulish death squad sent by the Cult of Mordiggian.
  • The investigators are approached by someone for help: their client has been permitted to read The Ghoul's Manuscript, but is now tormented by its curse, feverishly losing the will to resist the temptation to consume human flesh and complete the transformation.
  • The investigators must seek out a copy of this tome by journeying into the Dreamlands to seek the help of the Ghouls if possible, or take the book by other means if necessary. The Ghouls might allow one or more of the investigators to read the book, revealing that those investigators are descendants of Ghouls....