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Gnoph-Keh, also known as Gnophkeh.

Origin: H.P. Lovecraft, "Polaris" (1920)


Gnoph-Keh portrayed on the cover of Chaosium's Mythic Iceland

A small bulge in the canvas far to the right suggested the sharp horn of Gnoph-Keh, the hairy myth-thing of the Greenland ice, which sometimes walked on two legs, sometimes on four, and sometimes on six.
— H.P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald, "The Horror in the Museum"

The Gnoph-Kehs are dangerous cannibalistic entities found on the Greenland ice cap. Current artwork portrays them as similar to very large six-legged polar bears, with a narwhal-like horn, but not all sources agree with this, nor do the sources provide any clearer account of their form. The Gnoph-Kehs dwelt in Hyperborea before the Voormis, and in Lomar before the Lomarians, and were driven out by both peoples.

Heresies and Controversies

Some accounts draw a distinction between Gnoph-Kehs and Gnophkehs, describing the first in the terms given above and the second as a humanoid race of Greenland that worshipped the Gnoph-Kehs. Others, including Laurence Cornford's usually reliable Hyperborean Glossary, give "Gnoph-Keh" as the term for a single member of the Gnophkeh race.

According to one source, Gnoph-Keh is also is the name given to a single, exceptionally large member of the Gnoph-Keh, possibly spawned by Aphoom-Zhah. This being may have procreated the Gnoph-Keh race. He currently lies entombed in ice below Hyperborea.

Gnophkehs and Gnoph-kehs might bethe same creature, with the difference reconciled by the frightful unicorn-like creatures with humanoid faces described in "The Mound (fiction)", the Gyaa-yothn, which were the product of genetic tampering with human, Serpent-Man, and other source maerial, by the People of K'n-yan: the three creatures might all be more or less human versions of the same hybrid monstrosity.

Associated Mythos Elements