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Gnorri, as depicted by Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Wars


Origin: H.P. Lovecraft "The Silver Key (fiction)"


It is rumoured in Ulthar, beyond the River Skai, that a new king reigns on the opal throne in Ilek-Vad, that fabulous town of turrets atop the hollow cliffs of glass overlooking the twilight sea wherein the bearded and finny Gnorri build their singular labyrinths, and I believe I know how to interpret this rumour.
H.P. Lovecraft "The Silver Key (fiction)"

The Gnorri are described by Lovecraft vaguely as "bearded and finny" creatures of the Twilight Sea beyond Ilek-Vad, where they build "singular labyrinths".

Chaosium's Gnorri

Sandy Petersen elaborated on the Gnorri, detailing them as three-armed, and sometimes four-armed merfolk with a single long tentacle in place of legs; these are civilized creatures which trade peacefully with the lands of men, and are treated as a playable character race in Petersen's Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder.

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