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Greg Stafford (born February 9th 1948) is a game designer and publisher. He is the creator of the Glorantha game world, co-designer of the RuneQuest, Pendragon, and HeroQuest role-playing systems, founder of Chaosium and Issaries, designer of the White Bear and Red Moon and Nomad Gods board games, and co-designer of the King of Dragon Pass computer game. He is a practising shaman, and until recently lived in Mexico, tutoring English as a foreign language and exploring places of archaeological interest.

Greg Stafford's interest in roleplaying and gaming originated in his adolescent fascination with mythology. During his freshman years he read anything he could find on the subject, and when he exhausted the libraries, he started to write his own stories. This was the start of the world of Glorantha.

Around 1974, Stafford created White Bear and Red Moon, a board game about the struggle of several people in the area of Dragon Pass, but in essence the conflict between the Lunar Empire and the barbarian Kingdom of Sartar and their allies, all set in the world of Glorantha.

Not able to find a publisher, Stafford founded a company of his own, Chaosium, November 1975. When at the same time the game of Dungeons and Dragons became popular, people wanted to use the setting of White Bear and Red Moon in their own role-playing games, and Chaosium published RuneQuest, which was written by "Steve Perrin, Ray Turney, and Friends."

His, by his own words, "masterpiece" is Pendragon, which was published 1985 by Chaosium.

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