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Betty & Barney Hill 1967 Baker "Grey Alien" sketch....

Grey Aliens, AKA "Greys", "Grays", "Roswell Greys", "Examiners", "Visitors", "Lam", "Zeta Reticuli", and "Zeta Reticulans"

Origin: Greys have their origin in UFO folklore beginning in the mid-20th century with the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case perhaps being their first well-known appearance, although they bear more general similarities to stories about Faeries, Succubi, Old Hags, Demonic Oppression, Hauntings, Poltergeists, Elementals, and many other supernatural or quasi-supernatural night disturbances dating back to the dawn of human history. In the Mythos, the Greys are most familiar as a commonly encountered threat in Delta Green.


Faerie Carving in Ireland; early legends resembled abduction lore

[In silhouette] he was a blank, black figure to us, but instinctively our imaginations supplied features to his very human outline. I perceived a slender pinched body and short and extremely attenuated bandy legs. He came forward three steps and paused for a time, his movements seemed absolutely noiseless. For a moment my eyes sought him in the wrong place, and then I perceived him standing facing us both in the full light.

Only the human features I had attributed to him were not there at all!

It seemed as though it wasn't a face, as though it must needs be a mask, a horror, a deformity, that would presently be disavowed or explained. There was no nose, and the thing had dull bulging eyes at the side - in the silhouette I had supposed they were ears, but there were no ears. I have tried to draw one of these heads, but I cannot. There was a mouth, downwardly curved, like a human mouth in a face that stares ferociously....

There the thing was, looking at us! At the time my mind was taken up by the mad impossibility of the creature....
H.G. Wells, The First Men in the Moon

Early faerie legends in many ways resemble UFO abduction lore, and the two entities may be similar or even identical. See Faerie for more details.

Named for the greyish colour of their skin, "Greys" are typically described as humanoid, about 137cm (4.5 feet) tall, with short slender bodies, long and thin flexible limbs, large bald heads, and wide, dark, almond-shaped eyes. Also known as Zeta Reticuli from the Zeta Reticulan star system (the Bernard star) neighboring the Orion area, where the Reptilian aliens of the Orion System, their masters, are said to have made a home in our universe.

The Greys are said to be a sort of hybrid sub-race of alien humans which have been genetically manipulated into sterility and near extinction by other modified humans in service to the Reptilians following an ancient war of conquest; there are said to be fewer than 2000 "real" Greys left in this universe, with the rest of their number made up of soulless clones. Thus, the Grey Aliens are a dying race, desperately searching for some way to restore their numbers through breeding programs involving the more diverse human stock of earth, in exchange for their service to the Reptilians. Little is left in the clones resembling a "soul" or moral/ethical conscience: these were apparently nearly bred and engineered out of the Grey race, and have grown weaker and thinner with each new generation of clones. Thus, the Greys have lost much of their emotion and their appreciation for art and music, leaving behind only a cold, inhuman talent for hard science and raw power, leaving humans who have dealt with the clones the impression that the Greys are a cruel race.

However, those who have dealt with the last surviving uncloned Greys have found these to be less cruel, more reasonable and capable of diplomacy, and more varied in their emotional range, even deeply emotional, filled with a depressive sorrow for all that they have lost and suffered, and for the suffering and loss which they bring to earth. Nevertheless, both the original Greys and their clones should be considered treacherous, dangerous, and malignant, as most examples of both varieties work in cooperation with the Reptilians, and hold little genuine regard for earthly humans.

Reportedly, the Grey clones are also cannibals, enjoying the taste of human flesh, and especially the taste of fluids and nervous tissue extracted from human beings excited to extremes of emotion, as the Greys are able to absorb from these fluids and tissues some of the endorphins, adrenaline, hormones, and other chemicals curiously absent from their own emotionless existence, extending the fading lives of the clones, who have become thus addicted to human emotion in much the same way that humans may become addicted to drugs. By some accounts, there is even an elaborate, interplanetary equivalent to the earthly drug trade, in which rare emotions extracted from human victims by other alien races are sold to the Greys' highest bidders at auction in exchange for monstrous favors from the Greys; Greys are frequently found entangled in cults who have made such bargains in exchange for spells, artifacts, information, participation in rituals, unspeakable favors and services, and worse.

"Lam", a portrait from life by Aleister Crowley...

The first Grey on Earth in modern times is said to have been the entity "Lam", contacted by Aleister Crowley in a blasphemous working of sex magick, the Amalantrah Working performed in 1931, which ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe, allowing the Grey, dwarfen entity to cross a bridge to Earth from the Zeta Reticulan region of the Astral Plane. Crowley's intense interrogation of Lam produced enough material for one unpublished tome, the Amalantrah Manuscript (or, "The Book of the Abyss"); when this interrogation was concluded, Crowley had dismissed the spirit and resealed the portal, though it was too late: Lam had already gathered enough information about Earth to report back to its Reptilian masters the location of our solar system, while later magickal experiments, such as the "Babalon Workings" of NASA-JPL scientist Jack Parsons and cult leader L. Ron Hubbard in the early 1960s, re-opened the wound in space-time wider each time, allowing a number of Grey Aliens into this world before the damage was undone and the wound reclosed. Apparently no Reptilians were able to cross the bridge in any of those rituals, but the Grey Aliens who did enter this world appear to have re-awakened some Reptilians who have lain slumbering in caverns deep within the earth since the ancient epoch when their outpost colony on Lemuria was destroyed and sunk smouldering into the depths of the ocean, and negotiated contracts of service among the Deros and other monstrous creatures who creep through the caverns of inner earth.

The arrival of the Greys in the early-mid 20th Century have been accompanied by increasing sightings of UFOs as well as reports of terrifying abductions by the Greys leading to strange medical and breeding experiments, torture, indoctrination into occult secrets, and worse at the hands of the alien spirits. Researchers into the occult have suggested that the Greys brought no "flying saucers" of their own, but have instead retrieved lost technologies of elder races from deep within the Earth, perhaps including actual flying machines and spacecraft, though the Greys are just as likely dragging their victims down into prehuman cavern strongholds or to monstrous nightmare countries carved into the Astral Plane to perform their terrible experiments, with the flying saucer cover story being a deception played on their human victims to convince them of superior power, numbers, and technology.

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