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Hestan is a fictional planet created by Clark Ashton Smith and features in the story The Chain of Aforgomon.


The planet has four suns, and seasons like Earth. Somehow it "precedes" Earth in time and space.


Not much is know about the history of Hestan besides its connection through time with Earth. It appears that the inhabitants are essentially human. They practiced forms of magic, as well as worshiped Aforgomon as a god of time.

Calaspa and Belthoris

One story comes from novelist John Milwarp who viewed the planet using the drug souvara.

A priest of the time god Aforgomon, named Calaspa, was about to marry his betrothed Belthoris. However Belthoris died before the marriage took place. Feeling cheated by Aforgomon Calaspa called on the dark magician Atmox to bring him a spell. By calling on Aforgomon's enemy, Xexanoth he hoped to relive a precious hour with his lover Belthoris.

Calaspa defiled the shrine to Aforgomon called on Xexanoth and told him what he wanted. But ripping an hour out of place had grave consequences. A demon that Atmox had called, in that past hour, was released and killed the magician. Calaspa was sorely dissapointed with his one hour with his beloved. And all time was disrupted. Forever everything would feel an hour off.

The other priests of Aforgomon quickly imprisoned Calaspa for his heresy. Speaking through one of the priests Aforgomon declared that Calaspa would suffer his chains, a terrible death. Further more all future lives of Calaspa would die horribly one hour before meeting the future lives of Belthoris. Finally one of his future lives would discover Calaspa's heresy and would suffer the same death at the hand of the chains, and Calaspa and his future lives would all fade from time to be further punished somewhere else.

Calaspa, and John Milwarp through the use of the drug, was chained to a chair overlooking a deep chasm where Aforgomon was said to live. A deep breathing could be heard keeping infinite time. Then a bright light shone from the chasm onto Calaspa making the chains burn white hot killing him, and John Milwarp. Since then all mention of John Milwarp and any of his past lives have faded completely into oblivion.