Holy War

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Pages: 46

Author(s): Adam Scott Glancy

Artist(s): Optional Artist 1, Optional Artist 2

Setting: Modern, Delta Green

Appears in: Delta Green: Eyes Only (Omnibus)


Investigators attempt to unravel the world's most dangerous occult conspiracy in the months just after 9/11/01.


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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
Holy War is a long, interesting and twisted scenario from Eyes Only focusing around The Fate, focusing on Belial (a servant of Gla'Acki who runs Club Apocalypse) Y'Golonac is a surprise secret antagonist of the scenario, who has posessed Knepier, a former servant of Gla'Acki/Belial's through reading the 12th volume of the Revelations. Y'Golonac is trying to get a copy of the 12th volume away from Belial in order to form its own cult. Belial has his own plans. There is also ANOTHER surprise Y'Golonac-posessed individual, a former NYPD detective who is a wild card and potential ally. The Agents get spat down the middle and hopefully will figure out what's going on before either can achieve their aims.


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