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The City of Ib features in the H.P. Lovecraft story "The Doom that came to Sarnath." The city was built by strange amphibian beings, who may have dwelt on the moon, in the land of Mnar, possibly located in the Dreamlands. The beings of Ib worshipped a Great Old One called Bokrug, a water lizard deity. The city was destroyed by the men of neighboring Sarnath some time after Ib was built. The Beings of Ib would have their revenge on the men of Sarnath years later. Today Ib is nothing but ruins.

It is not made explicit whether the city is truly in the Dreamlands, or in the ancient Middle East. However in the Dream-Quest of Unkown Kadath locations near Sarnath and Ib, Thraa, Ilarnek, and Kadatheron, are mentioned as being prosperous trading ports in the Dreamlands.