Idol of Bokrug

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The Idol of Bokrug is first described in H.P. Lovecraft's "The Doom that Came to Sarnath (fiction)".


Idol of Bokrug


Thus of the very ancient city of Ib was nothing spared save the sea-green stone idol chiselled in the likeness of Bokrug, the water-lizard. This the young warriors took back with them to Sarnath as a symbol of conquest over the old gods and Beings of Ib, and a sign of leadership in Mnar. But on the night after it was set up in the temple a terrible thing must have happened, for weird lights were seen over the lake, and in the morning the people found the idol gone, and the high-priest Taran-Ish lying dead, as from some fear unspeakable. And before he died, Taran-Ish had scrawled upon the altar of chrysolite with coarse shaky strokes the sign of DOOM. After Taran-Ish there were many high-priests in Sarnath, but never was the sea-green stone idol found.
H.P. Lovecraft "The Doom that Came to Sarnath (fiction)"

A cursed idol of sea-green stone found in the Dreamland of Mnar, where it was worshiped in Ib by the cult of Bokrug the water-lizard; it was taken in conquest by the city of Sarnath after the cult was murdered, but lost on the night it brought doom upon the Temple of Sarnath and its priest, heralded by weird lights seen over the lake, escalating to the death of the priest, and culminating in a pronouncement of curse of DOOM that shortly afterward came upon Sarnath. After the Doom came upon Sarnath, the Idol was found in the reeds by investigators from Ilarnek, who took the idol back to that city and enshrined it there, where it became the city's chief deity in latter years, lest a similar doom come to Ilarnek for its friendship with Doomed Sarnath.


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