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Kingdom of Ilek-Vad is one of Lovecraft's Dreamlands, placed in the East.

Kingdom of Ilek-Vad

"The Cliffs of Glass", illustration by the Lee Moyer & Frank Kanach

It is rumoured that a new king reigns on the opal throne in Ilek-Vad, that fabulous town of turrets atop the hollow cliffs of glass overlooking the twilight sea wherein the bearded and finny Gnorri build their singular labyrinths, and I believe I know how to interpret this rumour.
H.P. Lovecraft "The Silver Key (fiction)"

One of the Six Kingdoms, the kingdom of Ilek-Vad is little more than a city-state, albeit a rich and powerful one. The King of Ilek-Vad rules the city-state from an Opal Throne, and makes a yearly pilgrimage to Kiran to pay homage to the River-God.


Perched high atop the cliffs of glass stands the fabulous city of Ilek-Vad, no more than a city-state, albeit a rich and powerful one. Due to its high vantage point, Ilek-Vad commands the view of all the approaches to it. In the marvelous and many-turreted walled city of Ilek-Vad is where the King's Palace of Rainbows stands. Its high towers are faceted to form prisms so that when the light strikes them each day at dawn, they form rainbows which arch outward from the castle to the plains below. Here the King resides year-round with his councilors and guards. He reigns over the city-state from an opal throne, and only ever leave his magnificent city of glass and rainbows once each year when he journeys on his golden palanquin to that temple of loveliness at Kiran in the Kingdom of Oukranos. Surrounding the palace is the upper city. Here the citizens of Ilek-Vad are free to walk smooth glass streets lined with fragrant gardens and lovely fountains.

Cliffs of Glass

The only way to gain entrance to the city of Ilek-Vad is through the tunnels which honeycomb the hollow cliffs of glass, and at the base of the cliffs, carved into a huge cavernous space, is the harbor of Ilek-Vad, where all those who would enter the city must enter first. Much like an iceberg, most of Ilek-Vad lies out of sight: inside the hollow cliffs, filling the maze-like structure which makes up the foundations of the upper city, are the caverns where most of the populace of the Kingdom dwell in a realm of half-light filtered through the thick glass cliffs which surround them. These lower levels of the city are where the tradesmen and their families live, while the upper levels are for the more wealthy and affluent citizens, however, none are denied access to the glorious city atop the cliffs, nor are any looked down upon for their station in life.

Gnorri Labyrinths

Beyond the Forbidden Lands and the Cerenarian Sea, the harbor of Ilek-Vad is well-defended by both the men of Ilek-Vad, and by the denizens of the nearby Labyrinths of the Gnorri, with whom the King of Ilek-Vad maintains a close alliance. It is rumored that much of the city's wealth comes to it from the Gnorri who retrieve all the loot from sunken vessels for the King. See Gnor for more information on these sea-creatures.

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