Interface, Volume 2 number 2

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Front Cover

Magazine: Interface

Publisher: Prometheus Publishing

Product Code: ####

Publishing Year: 1992

Pages: ###

Cover Price: $4.50

Editor: Thaddeus Howze

Authors: Peter Christian, Chris Hockabout, John Tynes, Barton Bolmen

Artists: Tom Shaw (Cover), Chris Hockabout, Michio Okamura

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: Transference (Pages 20 - 30), A Policy of Pain (Pages 41 - 57), A Vignette: Deus Ex Machinia (Page 40), A Vignette: I Want A New Drug (Page 57)

Articles: The Darktime, NuCyberware & Ectotechnology, Cults: Hopes and Horrors, Conversion Rules; From Cyberpunk to CoC and Back, Cult Profile: City Church of Our God - Redeemer, Cult Profile: Institute for Paranormal Studies.

Comments / Trivia

Special issue, contains articles discussing how to merge Call of Cthulhu with R. Talsorian Games Cyberpunk role playing game.


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