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Jack Walters is a fictional character from the 2005 video game Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, and the game's main protagonist.


Jack Walters, circa 1922

Jack P. Walters, Private Investigator; Boston, Massachussetts 1890-1922.

Jack Walters was born in 1890, the youngest of three children. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, where he experienced a disruptive upbringing due to the excessive alcohol and gambling habits of his father. Young Jack was often beaten by his increasingly violent father, who eventually killed himself. His mother was forced to work long hours to support the family financially, and eventually died prematurely in 1901. Jack was eventually taken into foster care, joining the police force a few years later after falsifying his age on his application form.

On September 6, 1915, reports of gunshots fired in a decrepit manor house occupied by a strange cult dedicated to the worship of a mysterious race of alien gods; the cult's leader, Victor Holt, demanded to speak only to Walters in exchange for their cooperation, though Walters and Holt appear to have never met, leading to the Walters, puzzled by his mysterious role in the case, being called in to negotiate the cult's surrender. Entering the manor in the middle of an open gun battle, Jack would discover evidence inside that the cult's activities included secretly spying on and photographing him. Jack's search of the manner would lead him through an underground passage into a hidden laboratory containing a bizarre portal to another world; Jack's last memory of the experience, before losing consciousness, was of a bright flash of light from the portal casting bizarre, distorted shapes of something emerging from the portal.

Losing consciousness would mark the beginning of a strange period of "missing years" in Jack Walters' life: upon regaining consciousness, Walters was found screaming and chanting by his fellow officers, and appeared to have experienced a strange case of amnesia, gazing blankly, moving awkwardly, and speaking unnaturally to others when questioned. Baffled, the police sent Walters to Arkham Asylum for evaluation and treatment, after being released as seemingly harmless to himself and others, and capable of taking care of himself.

What nobody realized was that the thing which had been sent to the asylum was not, in fact, Walters, but his body, stolen by the mind of a soulless alien horror masquerading as Jack Walters; the mind of Walters had instead been transferred millions of years into the past, where it would inhabit the alien's body in service there to the aliens in their studies of the history Earth's distant future. This mind swap would last six years, before the real Jack Walters, disoriented and suffering from amnesia of his body's experiences over those six years, was swapped back into his own body.

After resuming what he could of his own life, Walters became a private investigator consulting for the police. In his work as a private detective, Walters showed a remarkable talent for successfully solving strange cases, even when there wasn't any evidence. In his own time, he would attempt to make sense of his strange experience and lost time during his missing years.

It was in 1922, during his time as a private detective piecing together his disrupted life that Walters would find himself entangled in a bizarre new case, leading to a series of increasingly more dangerous adventures:

Ultimately, Walters would survive these adventures, but only after discovering the shocking key to the secret to his own past and his "missing years", a sanity-crushing epiphany which would quickly culminate in Jack Walters' suicide on February 16, 1922, a suicide explained only by a cryptic final entry in Walters' diary:

"Now...at my end...I can fully see.'My last case opened in me a new fear...a real fear...a fear of myself, of what I am...and of what I have always been.'All that I was, is now lost. Hope? Purpose? Pleasure? All meaningless.'I now walk in the shadows between worlds...and it is there I have finally glimpsed upon what lives in the dark corners of the Earth..." - Jack Walters, last diary entry, February 16, 1922.

Behind the scenes

Jack Walters first appeared in the 2005 game Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth where he was voiced by Milton Lawrence.