Keeper Advice:Dealing with fights

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A few ideas on fights for new Keepers

1. Fights in Call of Cthulhu and other horror games can be lethal. Healing rules are slow and there is relatively little healing magic. Many Dungeons and Dragons players may not realize this at first and a cautious Keeper may wish to point it out.

2. Know the rules and teach the rules. Since fights can be lethal, both the Keeper and the players need to be reasonably conversant with the rules as there is no room for error. One good way to learn the rules is for the Keeper to set up a fight strictly between two groups of NPC characters, with no player investigators involved. The players can take on the NPC's of one group, and the Keeper the NPC's of the other. This can be plugged into a scenario or campaign if the Keeper wishes as a prequel. The advantage of this is that it allows both Keeper and players to make rules mistakes and get those out of the way with no bigger consequences for the game.

3. The Keeper should pay strict attention to the turn order. Whether the Keeper uses a DEX ordering system to determine who goes first, or something else, it should be clear, and strictly kept by both Keeper and players. Much trouble can be avoided this way.