Keys of Madness

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Pages: 40 (Part 1 is 21 pages, Part 2 is 19 pages)

Author(s): Oscar Rios

Artist(s): Art credits listed for Tales of Death & Darkness Monograph

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Tales of Death & Darkness.



Professor Rudolph Timm, a friend or associate of the Investigators, summons them to Key West by telegram. His cryptic message contains few details, but he intimates that he may have made "the biggest archaeological discovery of our time". He is known for his previous work claiming to provide evidence that the lost civilization of Atlantis is actually located somewhere in the Caribbean ... perhaps this new find has something to do with this obsession.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


This scenario, set in Florida in July of 1927, is neatly divided into two halves -- one focussing on investigation, the other focussed on finding and exploring a Mythos site.

Professor Timm has, as hinted, discovered something extraordinary but it isn't Atlantis. Rather, the strange underwater ruins he found near the island of Caya Locura are actually the remnants of a prison constructed by the Elder Things in antiquity to hold the most intelligent of the Shoggoths that had risen against them. Unfortunately for humanity the prison is still quite intact and the Shoggoths it contains still very much alive.

After locating some valuable artifacts at the site and returning to Key West, Professor Timm chose to contact the Investigators and sell some of the antiquities. The latter proved to be a poor choice as it attracted the attention of two separate gangs of local thugs, one of which murdered him. By the time the Investigators arrive in Florida the Professor is nowhere to be found and the woman who meets them, claiming to be his associate is actually an imposter supplied by the gang in the hope of being led to more valuable artifacts. In the first half of the adventure, the focus is on following up on clues about the Professor's discovery and disappearance and learning the location of the Caya Locura.

The second part of the scenario involves the Investigators' diving exploration of the prison. The Professor's earlier meddling has allowed one of the Shoggoths to escape, which greatly complicates matters. This criminal creature is quite intelligent and can take on a range of different forms, including a rough approximation of a ship. Its agenda is to kill the characters. The gangs are still eager to locate more of the valuable treasure, so they too add a level of complexity to the situation. Balanced against these is the opportunity that the Investigators may have help from US Navy vessels stationed nearby.


Player Handouts:

  • Professor Timm's Letter
  • Article in The Citizen
  • Professor Timm's Journal
  • Madame Lilia's Business Card
  • Lost Pages from Professor Timm's Journal
  • Another Article from The Citizen
  • Diary of Santiago Delgado

Locations: Key West, Florida and nearby Caya Locura (Isle of Madness)

Creatures: Shoggoths, Elder Things.

Tomes and Artifacts: Madame Lilia owns The Eltdown Shards and The G'Harne Fragments and is writing "Runes of the Star People". The following items of Elder Thing technology can be found in the prison: Harmonic Cohesion Disruptor, Enzyme Caster, Contact Disintegrator.

Campaigns / Scenarios:


Part of the text of this adventure cannot be read due to a typographic error which has caused it to be obscured by a large black box. The affected section is on Page 61 of the book.

The scenario includes a set of rules for deep sea diving. These are a condensed form of the rules presented in the adventure Crash Dive which appears in Fearful Passages.

The scenario includes six pre-generated characters which can optionally be used.

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