Lemon Sails

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5th Edition Cover

Pages: 7

Author(s): Phil Frances

Artist(s): Kevin Ramos

Setting: Dreamlands

Appears in: H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands

Campaign: (stand-alone scenario)


An adventure taking place entirely within the Dreamlands. Dream travel with no specific waking-world goal. The adventure opens in the city of Drinen along a caravan route, where the investigators have only just arrived; there is a great deal of activity as the caravan has only just arrived. Amid this activity, a strange figure from the Dreamlands of an alien world recognizes the investigators as being different from the common Dream folk, and approaches the investigators to appeal for help in undertaking a long and perilous journey to help find his lost kin.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)

A Sarrubian asks the Investigators to accompany him on a quest to find his lost friends and return them to their home world. This scenario will involve travel through the Dreamlands of Earth and the planets Sarrub and Yundu.

Agreeing to help takes the investigators on a trip to the Dylath-Leen slave markets to look for information, then they buy a boat and take a trip into space to Sarrub to consult an Oracle Mirror, and from there a they take a trip to Yundu to rescue the lost friends from pirate/slavers.


Player Handouts: (none)

  • Illustration: "The Thing in the Mirror"



Tomes and Artifacts:

  • Potentially an Oracle Mirror (the investigators probably wouldn't be able to get it intact without botching the adventure, though; further, it seems to have been corrupted into a gate for Wendigo demons)
  • Space Mead (can be used to coat a boat's hull for travel in interplanetary space between dream worlds)
  • Sarrubian Wine (offered as a reward)

Campaigns / Scenarios: (stand-alone scenario)


Keeper Comments

Using the Scenario: Although the adventure has no connection to events in the Waking World, the keeper should feel free to incorporate it into an ongoing campaign as he sees fit. The adventure works equally well for investigators who are new to the Dreamlands, or for those who are experienced dreamers or denizens of the Dreamlands.

Sequel Plot Hooks: The Wenelian pirates might become recurring villains; the investigators' voyage may take them past any number of strange and wondrous destinations the investigators won't be able to visit during this adventure but may be able to visit later; if the investigators are successful, the Sarrubians may pay them friendly visits in the future with more adventures.

Descriptions of Sarrubians and Fortune the Cat are provided in the adventure, Wenelians and Phosphorescent monsters are described in the Dreamlands Bestiary; by default, the other monsters barely make an appearance unless the investigators do something unexpected.

This is a fairly linear adventure: the investigators either refuse to help the quest-giver and get no adventure, or they agree to help, and at least a little gentle "railroading" might be needed to keep investigators on track after that. Some variety to the basic plot is implied in random encounters during the voyages and in the various locations the investigators visit or pass on their journeys, though the keeper is left to invent the details. Due to the improv needed to support these elements, and because some important details (like what Space Mead is or why the investigators are going to these locations) are easily lost in the text, keepers should read the adventure very carefully and take notes before starting, and this adventure probably isn't a good starting place for inexperienced keepers.