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Publisher: Pelgrane Press

Product Code:

Publishing Year: 2011


Cover Price:

Author(s): Paula Dempsey, Kenneth Hite, Steve Dempsey


Style(s): Sourcebook and Campaign Setting

Format(s): Hardback, Softback, PDF

ISBN: 9780954752637


The Guide is replete with contacts, rumours and clues which will guide you on your quest for forbidden knowledge. Written as the companion volume to Bookhounds of London for Trail of Cthulhu, it can be used as a Keeper’s resource as well as an in-game artefact for players in any Mythos game.

In 1933 a mysterious secret society commissioned Augustus Darcy to compile a guide to occult London. By the end of that year, Darcy was dead. Within these tales of The Smoke’s legendary past are scattered clues to its future. Was a magical war brewing? Were forces from other dimensions breaking through into our own? Who were the mysterious Brotherhood? Who killed Augustus Darcy and why? After eighty years Darcy’s book is here for you to make up your own mind. Use it as a guide as you venture into Darcy’s world and may your gods be with you in the days ahead.

It is a work of fiction, an autobiography, an occult miscellany and a murder mystery, a book which should not be read, and yet cannot be cast aside. It is all these things and more, but most of all it is a guide for your own journey through the streets of the Big Smoke.

The foreword to the book can be found here.

The sourcebook is organised as follows:

  • Foreword
  • Darcy's Letter
  • Places
    • The City of London
    • Westminster
    • Seven Dials
    • West End
    • Kensington
    • East End
    • North London
    • South London
      • Battersea
      • Bermondsey
      • Blackheath
      • Camberwell
      • Greenwich
      • Southwark
      • Wandsworth
      • Woolwich
    • Outer London
  • Persons

Campaigns: This book provides a setting for running a Book-Hounds-based Campaign

Sources for the Guide

The Murder of Augustus Darcy

There are two clues, outside of those raised in the text, which may offer some insight into Darcy's mysterious death: