Little Slices of Death

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Call of Cthulhu (D20)

Pages: 12

Author(s): Monte Cook and John Tynes

Artist(s): Call of Cthulhu (d20) Art Team

Setting: Modern Chicago

Appears in: Call of Cthulhu (d20)

Campaign: (none)


When at least one of the investigators experiences sleep disturbances, an occupational hazard for investigators exposed to the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos for any length of time, they find themselves referred to the Torgerson Sleep Research Clinic, where they find that several patients have been experiencing disturbing nightmares before disappearing. The investigators must discover the source of the horror that stalks the patients during those little slices of death we call sleep....


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)

The investigators find themselves at the Torgerson Sleep Research Clinic, where the investigators uncover secrets being kept by the clinic's staff and patients, including one researcher's secret experiments with a machine that the researcher believes to spark harmless Night Terror episodes but which is actually shining an unnatural light on things best left unseen and unaware of our presence: Terrors from Beyond!


Player Handouts:

  • Illustration: Patient with Terrors from Beyond.
  • Map: Torgerson Sleep Research Clinic
  • A few sidebars on sleep disorders (not presented as hand-outs, but could be used as handouts to represent investigator research on the topics)


  • Modern Chicago, Illinois, near DePaul University just north of downtown Chicago:
    • Torgerson Sleep Research Clinic


Tomes and Artifacts:

  • Roth's Machine (similar to Tillinghast Resonator device: it reveals the presence of a hidden world teaming with life and overlapping ours, revealing the presence of that life and human life to each other; the device will probably be destroyed by the end of the scenario)

Campaigns / Scenarios: (none)


List dedication, trivia, images, anything else of note.

Epigraph: "Those little slices of death. How I loathe them." - Edgar Allen Poe

Trivia: The names of several NPCs (e.g., Dr. Thomas Joshi, Dr. Melissa Corbitt, Barbara Phillips, Randy Carter) should sound familiar to fans of Lovecraft and the Call of Cthulhu game.

Trivia: The scenario is at least partly inspired by the Lovecraft story "From Beyond".

Keeper Comments

Comments to Keepers about this scenario; Possibly how to run it successfully. Keep general DISCUSSION on the talk page.

Setting: Default setting is modern Chicago, but the scenario can be easily relocated anywhere, and should be easy to fit into any era from the 1920s to present. The scenario includes tips for setting the scenario in several popular eras.

Special Notes:

  • "This scenario can be inserted at any time into a campaign, or it can be used as a stand-alone adventure... Any group of 1st-level investigators that has survived a mythos adventure shoudl suffice for this story. If you're using the scenario on its own, you cn opt to have one or two players create characters who work at the sleep clinic."
  • The scenario assumes beginner "1st Level" investigators, and includes suggestions for modifying the scenario for use with more experienced D20 investigators.
  • The scenario assumes that one or more of the investigators is a patient at the clinic, and suggests situations where other investigators might be employees or volunteers at the clinic, and this is probably the easiest plot hook, though creative keepers and players can probably think of other reasons the sleep clinic might come to the attention of other investigator types.
  • The D20 Call of Cthulhu team provides as part of their scenario format a formal selection of possible "hooks" to the scenario, depending on the style of horror game being run, ranging from traditional Lovecraft-style tales, to X-Files or Delta Green style conspiracy stories, to pulp style adventure.
  • It might be possible for investigators to "win" this scenario with no combat; combat with most of the "monsters" in the scenario can be avoided through investigation and social skills.

Conversion Notes

To Do: notes for converting research rolls, monster/npc stats, and tome stats from D20 to BRP.