Love's Lonely Children

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Game System: Call of Cthulhu (RPG), Cthulhu d20, Cthulhu Live, Cthulhutech, Delta Green, GUMSHOE, The Laundry

Pages: ###

Author(s): Richard Watts

Artist(s): Optional Artist 1, Optional Artist 2

Editor(s): Optional Editor 1, Optional Editor 2

Setting: Modern

Appears in: The Stars are Right!.


The death of a young woman leads investigators into a sordid plot that strongly features drug use, prostitution and pornography, showing how the ultimate degradation leads to the worship of the most vile of the Great Old Ones.


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  • Review "Graphic content is quite central to... 'Love's Lonely Children', which actually reads more like White Wolf's take on Clive Barker than a traditional Call of Cthulhu tale.... I'm not opposed to including this sort of material in a game, especially if it serves a dramatic purpose, but the grim unpleasantness is so unrelenting here that I can’t see the adventure being especially entertaining to run or participate in.... I wish that this much thought had been put into some of the later, more appealing adventures."
  • Mini-Review ('My personal favorite and its been mentioned in this thread before. This one is rife with the sleaze that Ygolonac deserves and gets the closest to the original "Cold Print".' - daemonprinceofchaos)

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A scenario that, due to a hook involving a woman that is unlikely to be connected to any investigators, perhaps works best for law enforcement, possibly Delta Green.