Lunar Dreamland

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The Lunar Dreamland (AKA The Moon) first appeared in H.P. Lovecraft's Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (fiction).

In Lovecraft's Mythos

Among sane earthly peoples, these cryptical realms of the Lunar Dreamland are known only to Cats, who are drawn for mysterious reasons to that secret and mysterious side which is always turned away from the earth, and which no fully human person, save perhaps the dreamer Snireth-Ko, has ever beheld.

Dark Side of the Moon

The Moon's Dark Side should prove very disturbing to Earthly Dreamers: there is not much to like about the size and shape of the ruins which crumbled here and there, and the dead temples on the mountains are so placed that they could have glorified no wholesome or suitable gods, and in the symmetries of the broken columns there seem to lurk some dark and inner meaning which does not invite solution; what the structure and proportions of the olden worshippers could have been is not for sane Dreamers to conjecture. There are signs of life on the Moon's Dark Side: fields of whitish fungi, weird lunar trees, and low, broad, windowless cottages reminiscent of the igloos of Earth's Eskimos but inhabited by Moonbeasts, clustered about the leprous coats of black lakes of some unearthly substance that passes for water in the Lunar Dreamlands. (Lovecraft)

Hills of Dreaming Cats

Far from the cities, on lonely hills, Earth's Cats gather for enjoyment of mysterious Lunar charms known only to cats; the cats rarely make their way to the Lunar cities, for the cats and moon-folk have little liking for each other. (YSDC, from Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath)


Forests of Moon-Trees, tall, weird, tree-like fungi from whose woody trunks the moon-folk get most of their lumber. The sap of these trees can be distilled into a potent wine, and a seed from one of these trees fell to the Enchanted Wood where Zoog moonshiners produce small amounts of this rare wine for their rituals, and for ensnaring unsuspecting visitors who, unprepared for the strength of the Zoogs' wine, find themselves awakening only in a Zoog cook-pot. (YSDC, from Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath)

Ruby Mines

The Ruby Mines of the moon are the source of the Moonbeasts' wealth; the mines tunnel through the depths of Lunar craters in search of fabulous geode-like caverns filled with large specimens of the precious gems, which are then cut into intricate and delicate shapes by skilled slaves. (YSDC, from Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath)

City of the Moonbeasts

The City of the Moonbeasts, built from greasy, greyish, spongy Lunar stone rising over weird black Lunar lakes of nameless liquid that passes for water in this weird landscape. The city has no name in human tongues; it is a large, dense, reeking collection of low, broad, domed, windowless cottages reminiscent of the igloos of Earth's Eskimos, and thick unpleasant towers which lean and bend disturbingly in the weird lunar landscape, clustered and lumped like tumors beneath groups of weird leaning and bent towers that loom over the city's noisesome wharves serving the Black Galleys of the blind Moonbeasts. Here is where those creatures openly dwell in the Solar Dreamlands, alongside legions of their quasi-human slaves/food, and enclaves those few human Dreamers insane or depraved enough to risk trading or even dwelling among those foul lunar denizens; here also can be found a smattering of alien dreamers visiting from other Solar Dreamlands, and from points further and stranger still. The streets are lit by night with red lanterns born by slaves, and are crowded with wheeled dray-carts and vans full of trade goods and the creatures that serve the Moonbeasts as slavesand food alike, which are drawn to and from the filthy wharves day and night by nightmarish Lunar beasts of burden, the city filled with the barking of those hellish beasts, and the weird whining of bone flutes used by the Moonbeasts to communicate with their slaves. (Lovecraft)


A vast network of tunnels and caverns which lies beneath the moon’s surface; for the most part the tunnels are artificial, but some are natural fissures in the rock. The largest of these caverns contains the Black Lake of Ubboth. (These additions to Lovecraft's Lunar Dreamland made by Bian Lumley, Clark Ashton Smith, Chaosium, and others.)

Crater of Mnomquah

A vast crater on the surface of the dark side of the moon, near Mnomquah’s temple. It lies on a plain between the City of the Moonbeasts and the Citadel of Haon-Dor. This crater contains a shaft which leads directly to Mnomquah's lair, the Black Lake of Ubboth, deep in Nug-Yaa. From this shaft, at regular intervals, rise rings of an orange smoke or vapor. (Brian Lumley with Chaosium?)

Black Lake of Ubboth

Deep in the moon's core, in the realm of Nug-Yaa, dwells the Great Old One Mnomquah. There the Great Old One wallows in the oily waters of his sub-lunar home along with several Shoggoths who also reside there. A shaft leads up to the Citadel of Haon-Dor. (Brian Lumley with Chaosium?)

Temple of Mnomquah

Near the Crater of Mnomquah, on a low hill, the Moonbeasts have erected a huge idol of their god; it is immensely old, and carved in a vaguely reptilian image from a single piece of primeval moonstone. Beneath the idol's feet in the side of the hill is a great pivoting slab of stone which is the doorway into the temple itself, a vast labyrinth, lit with phosphorescent fungus. The floors of the tunnels have been worn smooth by the passing of countless priests and worshipers. It is utterly silent, except for when the Moonbeasts are at worship. Then the halls are filled not only with the strange high-pitched fluting of the priests, but also the low chanting of the few Lengites who serve in the temple. The priests of Mnomquah wear strange serpent-like headgear and carry long, slender wands. (Brian Lumley with Chaosium?)

Citadel of Haon-Dor

Beyond the Crater of Mnomquah rises the lip of another vast crater. It is too high to climb, but there is a small cave which leads to a tunnel to the crater's floor. In this crater stands the Dreamlands residence of Haon-Dor, once a powerful sorcerer in the ancient land of Hyperborea, but when the colony where he was living was destroyed by Abhoth, he fled through a Gate (spell) to Saturn in the house of his rival Eibon, and from there traveled to the dark side of Earth’s moon were he has erected an exact replica of the Hyperborean city of ruined Bendal-Dolum to serve as his lair, where he schemes to return one day to Earth's waking world. (Clark Ashton Smith, and possibly Chaosium?)

Messenger of Azathoth

The Messenger of Azathoth is a monstrous seed which hangs above the dark side of the moon, suspended there by the power of the moon's inhabitants. (Chaosium?)

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