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Major Harrison Peel of Australian Army Intelligence is an ongoing fictional character appearing in several weird science fiction stories by David Conyers. Although a contemporary character, Peel’s world is one plagued by time travel and causality, dimensional gates, alien monsters, strange worlds and bizarre physics. He has travelled to all the far corners of the world to combat these alien intrusions into our dimension wherever they occur.

Peel’s first encounter with the Cthulhu Mythos was in the early 2000s while he was stationed in South East Asia fighting Tcho-Tcho terrorists.

His next assignment was head of internal security for a secret Australian operation in the deserts of Western Australia, studying the city of the Great Race of Yith and the strange artefact discovered there, the Impossible Object. Scientific discoveries on that project lead to an American corporation developing an environmental technology of zero waste. This flawed use of alien technology ultimately released an extra-dimensional being onto the earth which almost destroyed the planet, which Peel and his peers through some hardship managed to advert.

Published Harrison Peel tales in chronological order include “Made of Meat” (Temple of Dagon), “Impossible Object” (Dreaming in R’lyeh), “False Containment” (Horrors Beyond), "Stomach Acid" (Lovecraft's Disciples), and “Reversed Terror” (Horror Carousel).

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