Mansions of Madness: Season of the Witch

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Mansions of Madness: Season of the Witch


Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Product Code/SKU: uMAD02

ISBN: 978-1-61-661170-5

Year: 2011

Designer(s): Richard Launius

Artist(s): Alex Tooth (Cover Art), ? (Other Art)

Expansion of: Mansions of Madness (1st Edition)

Expansions: None

Other Editions: None


From the back of the box:

The frightened student’s story was typical of the superstitious nature of most Arkham natives. Even the highly educated professors at Miskatonic University seemed to believe the place was cursed, haunted, or worse. The decaying eyesore was built in the late 1600s by Keziah Mason, a woman sentenced to death in Salem for allegedly practicing witchcraft. However, she mysteriously escaped the gallows and was never seen again. Her ancestral estate is now cleverly referred to as the Witch House, and legends circle around its gabled buttresses like flies on a corpse.

If only young Nola Mason’s disappearance was such a legend.

Nola Mason – a bright young mathematics student attending Miskatonic University – is one of the many residents of the Witch House. Frank Elwood, another tenant, recently reported Nola had gone missing. Your case started there. Frank informed you that Nola had only moved into the low rent Witch House to explore a theory – she believed that Riemannian equations could bend time and space, opening gates to other places and dimensions, and something about the architecture of the Witch House intrigued her. Frank described how, over time, Nola became obsessed, secluding herself in different rooms to study the intricate angles of the house, and how she would ramble on about how she could finally prove her theory.

But then she started to make other wild claims, like how she spoke to old Keziah at night. She even claimed to see the witch’s rat-like familiar, "Brown Jenkin," who was the source of many urban legends concerning the Witch House.

It was with genuine fear that Frank begged you to find the missing girl before midnight strikes on the convenient occasion of Walpurgis Eve.

Comments / Trivia

This is the first expansion for Mansions of Madness (1st Edition). It requires a copy of the core game to play.

Season of the Witch is print-on-demand game, with the game printed individually or in small batch print runs by the publisher after receiving orders for the game. The print-on-demand supplements for Mansions of Madness (1st Edition) may include reprints of some cards from the core game to insure they have a consistent look and feel.

Part of the Arkham Horror Files line of products.