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Mantong is from Richard Sharpe Shaver's A Warning to Future Man

In the Mythos

Mantong is the secret language of the Deros, supposedly a root-language from which all modern languages are derived, which uses all the same vowel and consonant sounds/"letters" as English, with each sound representing an entire concept or idea, words representing complex sentences, and sentences speaking volumes for those who can decode the language. An example of the language is the word "Dero", which translates to "detrimental energy robot", or a creature that is programmed with horror and madness.

The language was sent to editor Raymond M. Palmer by Richard Sharpe Shaver for publishing in Amazing (magazine), prompting Palmer's editorial staff to throw the document away as the useless ravings of a crackpot. Palmer, on a hunch, retrieved the document, and tested the theory out with several words in English, then had some of the staff who knew other languages to try it out in their own languages, with "interesting" results: the coded language seemed to hold up. Palmer requested more information from Shaver, who then submitted the tome A Warning to Future Man, a lunatic manifesto raving about the Deros and the horrors of the Hollow Earth, which Palmer would edit into a pulp science-fiction serial, one of the most successful ever published in the magazine, and resulting in an avalanche of letters from fans who believed that they, too, had been contacted by the Deros, and had been given insight into the secrets of Mantong.

Heresies and Controversies

Keeper Notes

Associated Mythos Elements


  • A - is for Animal
  • B - is to Be
  • C - means See
  • D - is the harmful energy generated by the Sun
  • E - is Energy
  • F - means Fecund
  • G - means to Generate
  • H - means Human
  • I - means I
  • J - is the same as G - generate
  • K - means Kinetic, as in motion or energy
  • L - is Life
  • M - means Man
  • N - means child, as in 'ninny'
  • O - means Orifice, a source
  • P - is Power
  • Q - means Quest
  • R - horror; signifies a large amount of D present
  • S - means the Sun, which emits D
  • T - is the beneficial force, the opposite of D
  • U - means You
  • V - Vital; in Shaver's words, 'the stuff Mesmer calls animal magnetism.'
  • W - Will
  • X - Conflict, sometimes meaning D and T in opposition
  • Y - means Why
  • Z - means Zero, or when T and D cancel one another out.

Richard Sharpe Shaver, A Warning for Future Man