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One of the clues to the Murder of Augustus Darcy is a map of London marked with mysterious symbols and lines. The map has been cut into sections and circles have been cut out of the various sections. At the centre of the circles is a tube station and on each circle is a mysterious symbol.

Two types of circle have been discovered so far. One type bears a phrase from The Enochian Calls used by Dr Dee and later Aleister Crowley (who appears in the Liber Fumo. These are a sequence of angelic summonings which refer to cataclysms and a day of judgement. The others bear the name of an Aethyr, angelic presences mentioned in much of Crowley's writing and particularly Liber 418. The list of each Call and Aethyr is below, there are 18 Calls or Keys and 30 Aethyr.

As yet there no connections has been determined between the Aethyr and the stations they sit upon or the Aethyr and the Calls to which they are connected. It seems likely that the Aethyr represent gates or sites of power which the different calls will awaken. Considering the apocalyptic nature of the Calls it would seem that someone of some group is attempting to awaken a significant power beneath London. This is probably linked to the Prophecies of Merlin mentioned in the Liber Fumo and seemingly connected to the magical war that is hinted at in the entries. This is currently speculation based on hints in the Liber and the text of the Calls. More of the map may be neccessary to determine the nature of the connections between stations, Aethyr and Calls. The idea of a mystical power linked across London by its buildings and locations is not a new one. After the Great Fire the naturalist, bibliophile, Royalist and scientist Sir John Evelyn offered a plan for the rebuilding of London which was based on the Kabbalah. This plan is mentioned on the very first pages of Darcy's Guide and may well have inspired the magical plot.

At this moment there is one other piece which is not a circle but is still part of the overall pattern. This part shows the City of London.

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Map Pieces

Northwest Corner Section Northern (West) Section Northern (East) Section Northeast Corner Section
Bookhounds Limited Map SW Section.jpg
Southwest Corner Section
Bookhounds Limited Map SSW Section.jpg
Southern (West) Section
Bookhounds Limited Map SSE Section.jpg
Southern (East) Section
Southeast Corner Section

Enochian Calls

Bookhounds Limited Map 01st Call.jpg
First Call
Bookhounds Limited Map 07th Call.jpg
Seventh Call
Thirteenth Call
Second Call Eighth Call Bookhounds Limited Map 14th Call.jpg
Fourteenth Call
Bookhounds Limited Map 03rd Call.jpg
Third Call
Ninth Call Fifteenth Call
Bookhounds Limited Map 04th Call.jpg
Fourth Call
Tenth Call Sixteenth Call
Bookhounds Limited Map 05th Call.jpg
Fifth Call
Eleventh Call Bookhounds Limited Map 17th Call.jpg
Seventeenth Call
Bookhounds Limited Map 06th Call.jpg
Sixth Call
Twelth Call Eighteenth Call


1. LIL 6. MAZ Bookhounds Limited Map ICH.jpg
11. ICH
Bookhounds Limited Map LEA.jpg
16. LEA
Bookhounds Limited Map ASP.jpg
21. ASP
Bookhounds Limited Map DES.jpg
26. DES
Bookhounds Limited Map ARN.jpg
2. ARN
7. DEO Bookhounds Limited Map LOE.jpg
12. LOE
17. TAN Bookhounds Limited Map LIN.jpg
22. LIN
27. ZAA
3. ZOM 8. ZID 13. ZIM 18. ZEN 23. TOR 28. BAG
4. PAZ 9. ZIP 14. VTA 19. POP 24. NIA 29. RII
5. LAT 10. ZAX Bookhounds Limited Map OXO.jpg
15. OXO
20. CHR 25. VTI 30. TEX

Polygonal Cutout

In addition to the circular map cutouts, one example has been discovered to date of a polygonal cutout which shows a larger map segment overlaid with circles apparently representing the Kabbalistic "Tree of Life"

Bookhounds Limited Map Polygon v2.jpg

Reconstruction Attempts

Although many of the cutout sections located to-date fall outside the boundaries of the three known map sections, an attempt has been made to construct a digital composite which reunites the map sections and the cutout sections within them.

Bookhounds Limited Map Reconstruction B.jpg

A more speculative attempt at placing all currently known elements into a single map.

Bookhounds Limited Map Spec Recon C.jpg