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Mark Morrison is a game designer living in Melbourne, Australia. Between 1986 and the mid-1990s he wrote numerous memorable scenarios for Call of Cthulhu as well as a considerable amount of material for Elric.

Mark was one of the core members of the Cthulhu Conglomerate. He was also a frequent contributor to early issues of The Unspeakable Oath, having his own column (The Case of Mark Edward Morrison) from issues 2 to 12.

Since the late 1990s he has worked as a game designer in the interactive (computer/video) gaming industry.

Published Call of Cthulhu Game Material

Published Elric / Stormbringer Game Material

  • 1991: Perils of the Young Kingdom (with Fred Behrendt, Geoff Gillian, Nick Hagger, Mike Syzmanski and Richard Watts)
  • 1991: Sorcerers of Pan Tang (with Richard Watts, Nick Hagger, Geoff Gillan, and Charlie Krank)
  • 1992: Sea Kings of the Purple Towns (with Fred Behrendt, Nick Hagger, Anthony Utano and Richard Watts)
  • 1993: Elric! Core Rules (contributor)
  • 1993: Melniboné: Dragon Isle and Dreaming City sourcebook (with Geoff Gillan, Mark Morrison and Richard Watts)
  • 1996: Atlas of the Young Kingdoms, Vol. 1: The Northern Continent (with Richard Watts)
  • 1996: Sailing on the Seas of Fate (with Carl Pates, Nick Hagger, Richard Watts, Ben Chessell, Charlie Krank, Sandy Petersen, Greg Stafford)

Other Published Game Material

  • 1994: Nephilim Gamemaster's Veil (contributor)