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Front Cover

Publisher: Sixtystone Press

Product Code:

Announce Date: January, 2007

Expected Publication Date: Summer 2015

Project Status: Draft release (Version 0.9); Kickstarter Feb. 2015.

Expected Page Count: 572+

Author(s): Bret Kramer, Paul Maclean, Matthew Pook, Dave Sokolowski, Don Coatar, Pete Mackenzie, Z. N. Dillon, James Morton, Mike Czaplinski, Sam Zeitlin, Anthony Warren, Chad Bowser, David Conyers, Neil Shaw, Sam Friedman, Hal Eccles, J.P. Chapleau, Hans-Christian Vortisch, Scott Slemmons, Mathew Gregory, James Haughton

Editors: Bret Kramer(lead), Matthew Pook

Layout: Adam Crossingham, Jon Potter (pre-generated character sheets)

Artist(s): Eric Smith (cover), Steff Worthington(maps), David Conyers (map), Christopher Spatola, Jani Savolainen, David Lee Ingersoll, and Dennis Detwiller

Proof-readers: Charles Gerard, Hal Eccles, Joe Isenberg, Andy Miller, Jeff Okamoto, Matthew Pook

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): PDF




  • Nyarlathotep: H.P. Lovecraft
  • Introduction: Bret Kramer and Paul Maclean
  • A History of Masks of Nyarlathotep: Matthew Pook
  • Larry DiTillio/Lynn Willis Interviews: Paul Maclean
  • 'Masks'and Tape: Paul Maclean (re: the Yog Radio recording of MoN)

Keeper's Utilities

  • Running Masks of Nyarlathotep: Dave Sokolowski and Bret Kramer
  • Using Newspaper Stories: Don Coatar
  • 'Tent-pole' NPCs: Bret Kramer and Pete Mackenzie
  • Magical Mishaps of 'Masks': Z. N. Dillon
  • Whispers from the Crawling Chaos: Bret Kramer
  • Other Masks of Nyarlathotep: Bret Kramer

Jackson Elias

  • Using Jackson Elias: Bret Kramer and James Morton
  • Elias' Other Books: Bret Kramer
  • Unquiet Spirits: A Seance with Jackson Elias: Bret Kramer
  • The God of Mitnal: Don Coatar (scenario)

New York City

  • Keeper's Notes for New York City: Bret Kramer
  • What if Carlyle Sells the Books?: Mike Czaplinski
  • Musings on the Cult of the Bloody Tongue: Bret Kramer
  • Tools of the Bloody Tongue: Bret Kramer
  • Jackson Elias' Funeral: Bret Kramer
  • Last Stand at Fat Maybelle's: Mike Czaplinski
  • The People of the Monolith Paradox: Bret Kramer
  • Item: The Mask of Hamaya: Sam Zeitlin
  • Tome: Africa's Dark Sects: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: Life as a God: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: People of the Monolith: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: Pnakotic Manuscript: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: Selections from the Livre d'Ivon: Sam Zeitlin
  • Tome: Books of Eibon: Bret Kramer


  • Keeper's Notes for London: Anthony Warren
  • The Paintings (and drugs) of Miles Shipley: Sam Zeitlin
  • About the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh: Factions?: Bret Kramer
  • The Burning Within: Bret Kramer (scenario)
  • Tome: Gavigan's Scrolls: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: The Book of Dzyan: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: The G'harne Fragments: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: Liber Ivonis: Bret Kramer
  • Item: The Mirror of Gal: James Haughton


  • Keeper's Notes for Cairo: Chad Bowser
  • Tome: Al Azif: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: Black Rites of Luveh-Keraph: Z.N. Dillon
  • Item: The Sword of Akmallah: James Haughton


  • Keeper's Notes for Kenya: Bret Kramer, with David Conyers
  • New African Character Templates: David Conyers
  • About the Cult of the Small Crawler: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: The Cthaat Aquadingen: Bret Kramer


  • Keeper's Notes for Australia: Bret Kramer and Dave Sokolowski
  • Tome: Wondrous Intelligences: Neil Shaw
  • Tome: Gods of Reality: Sam Friedman


  • Keeper's Notes for Shanghai: Anthony Warren
  • Keeper's Notes for Hong Kong: Hal Eccles and J.P. Chapleau
  • The Shanghai Municipal Police: Hans-Christian Vortisch
  • The Jin Jiang Guest House: Anthony Warren:
  • Hell's Kitchen: Anthony Warren
  • About the Order of the Bloated Woman: Bret Kramer and Anthony Warren
  • Raid on Grey Dragon Island: Anthony Warren
  • Bloody Botany: Anthony Warren (scenario)
  • Tome: Goddess of the Black Fan: Bret Kramer and Scott Slemmons
  • Tome: Livre d'Ivon: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: R'lyeh Text Commentary: Bret Kramer
  • Tome: Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan: Anthony Warren, Scott Slemmons, and Bret Kramer
  • Tome: Tale of Priest Kwan: Sam Friedman
  • Tome: True Magick: Bret Kramer


  • Travel in Masks of Nyarlathotep: Bret Kramer and Anthony Warren
  • Reading on the Road: Bret Kramer
  • The Case of the Cat's Cradle: Mathew Gregory (scenario)

Appendix A: Pre-generated characters

  • 27 pre-gens: Matthew Pook
  • Replacing Characters: Matthew Pook and Bret Kramer

Appendix B: Timeline for 1925/6 and the Rise of Cthulhu

Appendix C: Handouts

Scenarios: The God of Mitnal, The Burning Within, Bloody Botany, The Case of the Cat's Cradle

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Comments / Trivia

Naturally enough, this is a companion book to the well-regarded Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign.


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