Menace From Sumatra

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Pages: 22

Author(s): Kevin W. Jacklin with L.N. Isinwyll (aka Lynn Willis)

Artist(s): Earl Geier

Setting: 1890s

Appears in: Dark Designs.


A blind man dressed in rags stumbles into Hyde Park police station and expires in front of the Investigators, but not before exhorting them to "save Susan". The strange blue vapour surrounding the man, as well as the fact that he possesses no eyeballs, compels them to investigate further.


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On a recent expedition to the Western coast of Sumatra, a pair of British scientists discovered a strange blue fungus, associated with a Mythos god called Vibur. While one of the principals, Granger, seemed to fall under the terrible influence of the primitive natives the other fled with his wife, afraid for their lives. They made their way back to London, but unbeknownst to them they were pursued by Granger with a contingent of cultists and their god. Ultimately these unpleasant forces captured the unfortunate scientist, infecting him with the terrible spores of the fungus. His wife managed to escape such a fate, but became amnesiac from the shock, and is still wandering the streets of London in confusion. The infected scientist, Windebank, ultimately escaped his captivity only to expire in the police station during the opening scene of the adventure.

By following a trail of clues through various London locales, the Investigators can solve the mystery of Susan Windebank's disappearance and also put a stop to the foul experimentations of Granger and his new-found god.


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