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This article is about the fictional location. For other uses of Miskatonic University, please see Miskatonic University (Disambiguation).

Miskatonic University is a fictional university located in the equally fictional Arkham, Massachusetts. It was introduced in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.







The Miskatonic University has funded several expeditions around the world.

Pabodie Expedition

An expedition in 1930 to the Antarctic funded by the Nathaniel Derby Pickman Foundation. It consisted of four men from the University—Pabodie, Lake of the biology department, Atwood of the physics department (also a meteorologist), and an unnamed geologist —besides sixteen assistants; seven of which were graduate students from Miskatonic. The expedition ended in tragedy when a party led by Perey Lake all were killed in a massive snow storm after discovering the Miskatonic Mountain Range. The expedition was followed up by the independent Starkweather-Moore Expedition in 1933.



Medical School


  • Henry Armitage (The Dunwich Horror (fiction))
    • Head Librarian
    • (A.M. Miskatonic, Ph. D. Princeton, Litt. D. Johns Hopkins)
  • Dr. Cyrus Llanfer, Chief Librarian after Armitage (Derleth)
  • Ward Phillips (II), Chief Librarian before Armitage (early 1800s) (Derleth)

Exhibit Museum


  • Prof. Frank H. Pabodie (At the Mountains of Madness (fiction))
    • Inventor: a special drill, "unique and radical in its lightness, portability, and capacity...to cope quickly with strata of varying hardness"
    • Inventor: "fuel-warming and quick-starting devices" for aircraft
    • Inventor: "a plan for sinking copper electrodes in thick clusters of borings and melting off limited areas of ice with current from a gasoline-driven dynamo"


Anthropology, Archaeology, History and Social Sciences

  • Professor Tyler M. Freeborn (The Shadow out of Time (fiction))
    • Anthropology
  • Professor Seneca Lapham (Derleth)
    • Anthropology
  • Professor Laban Shrewsbury (Derleth)
    • Anthropology and Philosophy
  • Dr. Harvey Wilcox (Scenario: Halloween_Nuit)
    • Dean of History and Social Sciences c. 1929
  • Dr. Elliot Mills (Miskatonic University (Supplement))
    • Professor in the Department of History, specializing in American Indian history and tribal lore
  • Professor Ernest McTavish (Blackwater Creek (scenario))
    • Department of Archaeology at Miskatonic c. 1928
  • Dr. Henry Roades (Blackwater Creek (scenario))
    • Department of Archaeology at Miskatonic until 1928
    • Disappeared in July 1928 with his wife while exploring a cave shortly after finding evidence of an archaeological basis for local folklore concerning the disappearance of an important historical colonial figure in Blackwater Creek.
    • Wife Abigail Roades appears to have served as Dr. Roades' assistant or equal on the expedition, perhaps also as a member of University Staff until 1928 ; she seems to have normally handled the Dr. Roades' correspondence, notes, etc.
    • Agnes Soames, Clarence Welliver, and Walt Rerig were graduate students assisting the Roades on the 1928 expedition, returning safely home before the tragedy.
  • Professor L.N. Isinwyll (Mythos CCG)
    • Miskatonic U. Staff in the Modern era.
    • Author of books and papers on the Occult and the Mythos.




  • Albert Wilmarth
  • Dean Gerald Billings, English Department (scenario: The Faculty Party)
    • Dean Billings, many years ago, did his graduate work in Africa, teaching natives how to speak English. After an incident in which Gerald saved the life of the chief’s son, he was gifted with the tribe’s most prized possession, an enchanted spear.
    • Connie Landers, Secretary to Dean Gerald Billings
  • Dr Stanley Whitman (Arkham_Unveiled, Scenario "The Ilsley Variant")
    • Department of English

Classical Languages

School Infirmary

  • "Old" Waldron
    • Head Doctor


  • Terrence O'Kelly – Miskatonic University Night Watchman c. 1929 (Scenario: Halloween_Nuit)
    • 1929: new to this job and nervous about his checkered past. In his youth he ran with "The Fins", an Irish gang. He never became a member of the Danny O'Bannion mob because he turned his life around; he is afraid someone will find out about his past.



The University offers a wide range of courses in almost any subject. Some of them included in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft are:

  • Advanced General Psychology
  • Calculus D


Other Students (R.I.P.)

  • Grad Students, disappeared in Antarctica (At the Mountains of Madness (fiction)):
    • (?) Gedney
    • (?) Carroll
    • (?) Ropes
  • Graduate student Bradford "Brad" Kenmore – withdrew from the university in November, 1929 due to a severe case of leprosy (Scenario: Halloween_Nuit)

Guest Lecturers and Consulting Experts


See Also

The horror movie Re-Animator, directed by Stuart Gordon and based on a Lovecraft story, took place at Miskatonic University. As a tribute to Lovecraft, Bill Pullman's character in 'Brain Dead' attended the university, as did some characters in the film Dagon.

The Millennium comics series H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu introduces The Miskatonic Project (created by Mark Ellis with art by Darryl Banks, Daryl Hutchinson and Don Heck), a group of investigators who follow up on the loose ends of Lovecraft's original stories, such as "The Whisperer In Darkness".

Also, the DC Comics character Zatanna, a female magician, uses the alias "Miss Katonic". John M. Ford's Star Trek novel How Much For Just The Planet? puts "Princess DeeDee the First" into a Miskatonic U. sweatshirt at one point. "Dreams in the Witch House" (a short film for the SHOWTIME network's "Masters of Horror" series), also based on a H.P. Lovecraft story and directed by Stuart Gordon, focuses on a Miskatonic University student and takes place in and around the university.


It is speculated that the word "Mis-katonic" is derived from Greek chthonic, since many of Lovecraft's monsters and gods were chthonic, but Lovecraft declared that the word was "a jumble of Algonquin roots."

Depending on the writer, mottos for MU have ranged from "Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam; Ex Luce Ad Tenebras" (Out Of Ignorance Into Wisdom; Out Of Light Into Darkness) to "A Small Sacrifice for Knowledge", and their mascot has been stated as everything from the Badger to the Fighting Cephalopods (as in, "Go ′Pods!").

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