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This article is about the second Call of Cthulhu supplement. For other uses of Miskatonic University, please see Miskatonic University (Disambiguation).


Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2389

Publishing Year: 2005

Pages: 256

Cover Price: $29.95

Authors: Sam Johnson, with Sandy Antunes, Richard Watts, Keith Herber, Alan Matthews, Chris Tutt, Doyle Taverner, Lynn Willis, and dyvers hands

Artists: Philip R. Rogers (cover painting), David Grilla, Alex Thomas, Paul Carrick, and Tom Kalichak

Interior maps: David Conyers

Project and Editorial: Lynn Willis

Design and Layout: Deborah Jones, William Jones, and Charlie Krank

Cover Design: Charlie Krank

Chaosium is: Lynn Willis, Charlie Krank, Dustin Wright, Fergie & various odd critters

Setting(s): 1920s

Format: Softcover


Contents: Introduction, Miskatonic University, People on Campus, Getting an Education, Miskatonic Secrets, A Little Knowledge, Appendices

Scenarios: A Little Knowledge

Tomes: Rituals and Arcane Wisdom for Keepers of the Silver Gate

Front Cover Text

Dire Secrets & Campus Life

Back Cover Text

Miskatonic University is a small, seemingly typical New England college nestled in the bosom of conservative Arkham, Massachusetts. A poor cousin to such hallowed institutions as Harvard, Brown, and Princeton, Miskatonic nonetheless offers coveted degrees in a wide variety of subjects and boasts high academic standards. A quiet instituation of higher learning, Miskatonic serves as the home of many of H. P. Lovecraft's greatest protagonists, or as the staging ground for daring expeditions into the unknown.

As a symbol of reason, learning, and science, the school represents all that is good, true, and pure in modern civilization. Although Miskatonic is mentioned or figures prominently in most of the stories that form the backbone of the Call of Cthulhu game, the college itself remains as ill-defined as many of beasties lurking in the pages of Lovecraft's fiction. While monsters that never shamble into view are often scarier than the ones we can see, Miskatonic University and the professors who walk its halls of ivy and alabaster are part of our normal waking world, and can therefore stand up to the light of day.

Who at Miskatonic can investigators count on to believe their outlandish tales? Just what secrets are and aren't kept in the world famous Orne Library? What might your investigator bump into while finding out? Miskatonic University offers some answers, scrutinizing familiar ground with a scientist's vision and a librarian's obsession with detail.

Comments / Trivia

Expands on material from 1995's Miskatonic University: The University Guidebook by Sandy Antunes as well as Arkham Unveiled and others.


See also Miskatonic University

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