Miskatonic University English Department

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Miskatonic University Department of English and Classical Languages

Miskatonic University Department of English and Classical Languages.

Floor Plans

Ground Floor First Story (U.S. 2nd Floor) Second Story (U.S. 3rd Floor) Basement

Attached images are from a design loosely based on the description from the scenario "The Faculty Party", with the exterior architectural style modified with loose inspiration from the "Mayan Revival" architecture style movement from the 1920s and 1930s.



  • Albert Wilmarth
  • Dean Gerald Billings, English Department (scenario: The Faculty Party)
    • Dean Billings, many years ago, did his graduate work in Africa, teaching natives how to speak English. After an incident in which Gerald saved the life of the chief’s son, he was gifted with the tribe’s most prized possession, an enchanted spear.
    • Connie Landers, Secretary to Dean Gerald Billings
  • Dr Stanley Whitman (Arkham_Unveiled, Scenario "The Ilsley Variant")
    • Department of English

Classical Languages