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Name(s): Misquat tribe

First Appearance: Adventures in Arkham Country(?)

Short Description: Native American Tribe of the Miskatonic Valley, seemingly unremarkable until the mid-1450s when their shaman was possessed by a Yithian intellect, drastically altering the native culture.

History and Scope

In the mid 1450s, an unnamed Shaman of an unremarkable Native American tribe of the New England region was possessed by a Yithian intellect, and shortly afterward led a number of the tribesmen north of the Miskatonic river to found what would be later known as the lost Misquat tribal culture, a culture heavily influenced by the Yithian in its initial five years among the tribe, with a religion informed by the Mythos of the Great Old Ones, works of alien magic and crude super-science, and artifacts decorated in a system of writing based on Yithian which has never been deciphered. The Yithian intellect would return periodically for periods of a few years to possess descendants of the Shaman to maintain its influence the tribe, now effectively a Mythos cult. The Yithian intellect lost contact with the tribe in 1770, and it subsequently died out, leaving behind little more than a few curious artifacts hinting at the unusual nature of the tribe's culture, and other enigmatic clues to the greater mystery of what happened to the tribe, who or what their "spirit" patron was, and what the goals and purposes of their magical rituals and artifacts might have been.

Identification, Psychology and Behavior

The Misquat tribe maintained an outward resemblance to the ordinary local native tribes from which the tribe's members were recruited, but anthropologists who have studied the culture note the bizarre qualities of the few remaining examples of the culture's art, the strangeness of the occasional hints of the tribe's indecipherable system of writing, the tantalizing hints of the the peculiarly imaginative, far-reaching, and unsettling nature of the tribe's legends and mythos, and the weirdly suggestive qualities and placement of the artifacts and ruins left behind when the tribe disintegrated and scattered, and any members who could were absorbed into the surrounding cultures.

The tribe, while under the influence of their alien-possessed shaman, largely constructed or placed their totems and buildings in precise locations across the Miskatonic Valley, based on plans informed by alien geometries, for a number of purposes mutually beneficial to the local peoples and to the mysterious goals of the Yithian "spirit" masterminds that directed the work in the guise of the Misquat shamans.

The tribal cult is generally led by the possessed shamans, chosen by the Yithians along genetic lines from descendant to descendant of the first possessed shaman at times when the possession is active, though a more traditional tribal chieftain or elder may lead the tribe otherwise.


Tomes, Artifacts, Sites

  • artifacts: Misquat Figurines, in the form of totem animals said to contain the displaced spirits of Misquat warriors, carefully placed on the land in the Miskatonic Valley as wards against alien influences
  • artifacts: megalithic structures and buildings used as observatories, laboratories, altars of sacrifice, and other, less easily-defined "ritual" purposes
  • artifacts: scrolls written in an indecipherable Yithian language of flowing lines, dots, and curvilinear geometrical diagrams
  • artifacts: sand paintings, clay tablets and figurines, and other works of art, mostly damaged or defaced, depicting outre creatures and events drawn from the cosmic Mythos of the Misquat's alien cult
  • location: Miskatonic Valley ("Lovecraft Country"), where the tribe was active

Allies, Creatures and Deities

Other Resources

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Heresies and Controversies

  • Generally only one, unnamed Yithian mastermind seems to have influenced the tribe while possessing its shamans for periods of years at a time over the course of 300 years between 1450 and 1770, though other Yithians might have interfered with the tribe at various times, either working together, independently, or even in opposition. (YSDC)
  • Though the tribe disintegrated in the decades after losing contact with the Yithians, the cult's beliefs were never fully lost, and it is possible that descendants of the tribe's shamans might again be contacted by the Yithians to resume their work on Earth in the years since the last-known contact from the Yithian mastermind in the 1770s. (YSDC)
  • Likewise, the tribe's first-known contact in the 1450s might not have been the first contact at all, with ancient ancestors of the tribe perhaps having been contacted and previous incarnations of the cult possibly founded in the aeons before 1450s, with the cult reforming, being active, and disintegrating numerous times through history. Truly, archaeologists have dated some of the many puzzling monolithic ruins left behind in the Miskatonic Valley which have been attributed to the Misquat tribe to thousands of years - in some cases millions of years - before 1440, with some of the ruins seeming to be far older than the human race ought to be! (YSDC)
  • It is possible that other alien entities might have worked with the Misquat and their Yithian patron: beings conjured and summoned by the cult to do their bidding. It is even more certain that alien entities have also worked in opposition to the Yithian purpose, with the Misquat warring against the aliens using weapons and talismans of Yithian design. (YSDC)
  • The few examples of art and other artifacts left behind by the Misquat tribe depict, among many other strange things, prehistoric creatures, as well as objects and beings that are remarkably similar to the iconography of the modern UFO mythos, such as flying discs and stereotypical Grey Aliens. (YSDC)

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