Moon of the Hunter

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Pages: 20

Author(s): Guy Dondlinger


Setting: Dark Ages

Appears in: Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder.



The Investigators -- 10th Century residents of the Val-du-Loup in the Ardennes -- are summoned by Jehan de Roifâ, a well-to-do procurer of ancient and precious texts. It seems that a few nights ago the grave of his father was ransacked. Could it have something to do with the segment of a mysterious ring that was buried with the man?


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


Far from the green woods of the Ardennes, over a hundred years before the start of this scenario, a mad Egyptian sorcerer called Eman cheated death by passing into the Dreamlands. This he achieved by making a deal with Nyarlathotep; but, as always, the manipulative god's deal was not as straightforward as it seemed. While Eman was indeed granted life in the Dreamlands it was as a mad, soulless tyrant. And in the real world, his dream-self was tied to a golden ring -- whoever owns this ring receives alluring dreams. The parchment which accompanies the ring describes a ritual for reaching these idyllic places, however if enacted, it actually brings Eman back to the waking world to wreak havoc.

The ring travelled far from its origins in Alexandria, making its way some years ago to the Loup Valley. About thirty years ago a sailor brought Eman back to the world, with an enterouge of other unsavoury Dreamlands revenants. Jehan's father was one of those who banded together to defeat this menace and, once the evil was banished, took ownership of one half of the terrible ring. When he died, this was buried with him.

Over the past year, Father Théodore -- the priest who took posession of the parchment when the ring was split -- has becoming increasingly obsessed with opening the Dream Gate. To this end he and his small group of fellow lunatics steal the two halves of the ring and enact the lethal ritual. Théodore's body becomes occupied by Eman and the bodies of the cultists are taken over by other creatures of nightmare.

The scenario is primarily an investigation which leads the Investigators to the nearby Abbey, a leper hospice, into the forest, and a variety of other places. Stories begin to emerge about the bloody trail of carnage that the so-called Eternal Hunter and his troupe are carving across the countryside. Eventually it is up to the Investigators to confront this challenge and learn an effective way of (hopefully permanently) banishing this Dreamland menace.


Player Handouts: There are no player handouts.

Locations: The Ardennes (a region stretching from Belgium into Luxembourg, Germany and France). The scenario is set in the fictional Ardennes valley of Loup. Eman's dream-self rules the Forest of Parg in the Dreamlands.

Creatures: Nyarlathotep (mainly in the form of The Thing in the Yellow Mask, although the Black Pharaoh is also referenced and the players may meet him in the form of the Crawling Mist), Kyresh.

Tomes and Artifacts: Mad Dreamer's Ring, Book of Black Rites.

Campaigns / Scenarios:


Because of an odd layout (possibly an error), parts of the appendix to this scenario are actually attached to the very end of the previous scenario in the book, Rolthin Abbey. Sections which pertain to this scenario may be found as the bottom two stat blocks on page 50, plus the entirety of pages 51 to 53.

Keeper Comments

This scenario was written with beginner groups of players in mind.

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