Murder of Augustus Darcy

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That which is currently known about Augustus Samuel Darcy is as follows:

His father is a solicitor and he was born in Thetford in November, 1897 and has a sister who is three years his junior. He went to school in Ely where he met Amery Greville. He served in the Great War (meeting Greville on the Vimy Ridge) and afterwards graduated in History from the University of Oxford before working as a freelance journalist in London.

Darcy was a magician and member of an occult organisation known only as The Brotherhood. In 1933 they commissioned him to write a guide for members visiting the capital. It appears that he discovered a dark organisation in London's occult underbelly and it is possible he became involved with a Magical War. A few months later he was dead.

The death of Augustus Darcy

Reports of his death seem confused as the dust-jacket copy suggests no cause of death was established but Greville's introduction states that a 'local newspaper' had a short piece about his drowning in the Thames.

Organisations possibly linked to his death and the Magical War

Darcy mentions 'three main occult orders of London'. One is the Brotherhood of which he is a member, these are the other two:

These two organisations are both 'real world' organisations. The Community of Inner Light was founded after Dion Fortune grew tired of the Golden Dawn's infighting. The Golden Dawn had broken apart by the time of Darcy's death but their legacy survives into the investigation through Aleister Crowley and his work on the Enochian Calls of Dr Dee.

There are also several other organisations and personalities in London who may be linked to the murder and The Magical War:

As well as these, there are several mentions of strange activities such as occult dancing in Epping Forest, tunnelling in Greenwich and odd goings-on in the tunnels around Aldgate East tube station. Whether these are linked to Darcy's death remains to be discovered.