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Cut-n-Paste the following for each Tome/Artifact. Remove irrelevant sections.

Title:  ''insert_title'', AKA ''alternate_title''

Origin:  (story/scenario the artifact appears in)

(Describe the artifact.  Use the following line of code to add an optional illustration.)
[[File:File.png|200px|thumb|right|alt text]]

===Version 1===
* Number of known copies (if rare): 
* Last known location of surviving copies (if rare): 

Physical Description, History, and General Purpose/Effect: 

====Mythos Content====
* Sanity Loss: 
* Mythos Knowledge: 
* Occult Knowledge: 

<br>— Author, "Story"

* Fiction:  "[[story1]]", ''[[story2]]''
* Call of Cthulhu Scenario: "[[scenario]]"

==Associated Mythos Elements==
(Describe any closely-related mythos elements associated with the artifact, 
such as cults that frequently use it, creatures it concerns, etc.:
* cult:  [[Organization1]]
* deity:  [[GreatOld1]]
* race:  [[Race1]]
* location:  [[Location1]]

==Heresies and Controversies==
(Optional.  This is a good place to include non-canon and controversial 
aspects of the creature's mythos.  Suggested Alternative Theories include:  
Derleth's elemental scheme; pseudo-science interpretation; "fanon" interpretations; 
unofficial humorous or eccentric versions; identification with "Real Life" 
mythological, religious, folklore, natural, and historical phenomena; 
rumor and speculation contribute some flexibility and ambiguity to the mythos. 
* Alternative_theory.  ([[source]])

==Keeper Notes==
(Optional. Suggestions for using this tome/artifact in the CoC RPG, and in fan-fiction.)