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Cut-n-Paste the following for each fictional Mythos cult or other such organization (including investigator organizations and such). Remove irrelevant sections.

(Used mainly for cults, but could also be used for other organizations 
such as government agencies, investigator support structures, corporations, etc.
Names and aliases for the organization, first appearance (name of story, scenario, etc.), 
and a one-sentence summary of who they are; 
include illustration of typical cultist, uniform, symbol, etc., 
if applicable, using the following line of code.)

First Appearance:  

Short Description:  

==History and Scope==
(Where to find members of the organization, and what eras they were/are active in.  
Summarize the history of the cult:  Approximate era of foundation, 
key locations of operation, important events in the cult's history, 
approximate era of disbandment (if applicable).)

===Identification, Psychology and Behavior===
(How to identify members of the organization or who the members typically are, 
and what they believe in.  Describe any cult uniform(s), any characteristic 
language and terminology, any special physical characteristics of members 
(tattos, brands, hybrid lineage, mutations, etc.), and other identifying 
habits, signs, code words, "calling cards"/modus operandi, etc.  Describe 
the cult's beliefs and philosophies, motivation of cult, motivations of 
typical members, level of secrecy, level of aggressiveness to outsiders.)

(Brief lists for the unique Mythos people, places, and things available 
to the cult as resources, followed by sub-sections detailing featured 
resources; remove irrelevant sections.)

===Tomes, Artifacts, Sites===
* tome:  ''[[tome]]''
* artifact:  [[artifact]] 
* location:  [[mystic_site]]

===Allies, Creatures and Deities===
(Creatures that are likely to be encountered alongside the cultists, 
the cultists' beliefs about these creatures, the nature of the cultists' 
relationships with these creatures, motivations for the creatures to 
work with the cult, motivations for the cultists to work with the 
creatures.); might also include notable members of the cult)
* [[creature1]]
** (note1)

===Other Resources===
(Wealth, influence, safe houses, and other resources, if applicable.)
* (resource)

<!--==== Featured_Resource_Description ====-->

==Heresies and Controversies==
(Optionally, put different spins on the organization:  describe 
alternative, non-canonical theories and versions of the cult, for 
new non-stereotypical ways to use it or think about it and to 
keep audiences guessing.)

==Keeper Comments==
(Comments to Keepers about this cult.  Possibly how to use it 
successfully in a scenario; sample "hooks" for keepers or writers 
for using the cult.  Keep general DISCUSSION on the talk page.)

(Quotes about the cult, with sources.)

(Stories and other works the cult appeared in.)
* Fiction:  [[story1]]
* Call of Cthulhu Scenario: [[scenario1]]