Nevil Kingston-Brown

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The Australian physicist Nevil Kingston-Brown from A.D. 2518 is from H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow Out of Time (fiction)].

In the Mythos

Australian physicist Nevil Kingston-Brown, who will die in A.D. 2518....
H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow Out of Time (fiction)]

Australian physicist Nevil Kingston-Brown, who will die in A.D. 2518; his mind was stolen and swapped by the Great Race of Yith from the prehistoric Pnakotic Age of B.C. 150,000,000. As typical of such mind-transfers, Nevil would probably have been suddenly been taken by a sort of strange "fit" from the transfer, after which there would be a period inactive "illness" or "coma" in which the Yithian mind now inhabiting the being's body accustoms itself to its new form, followed by "Nevil" voraciously learning everything it can about its surroundings, so that the information can be returned to and collected in the Yithians' Library at Pnakotus. In time, the transfer would be reversed, and the proper mind of Nug-Soth would be returned, with a bizarre and harrowing "delusion" of spending the months or years since the "fit" trapped in a "past life" in an alien body deep in Earth's prehistory, with no memory of "Nevil's" strange behavior over the time the body was possessed by a Yithian mind....

Heresies and Controversies

  • Many such victims become Mythos cult leaders or members, either as a result of their experience, or while possessed by the Yithian intellect while it contacts Mythos cults in search of information in the guise of its victim. Often, such victims are associated with cults at multiple points in their lives: sometimes growing up in "contactee" cults as repeated victims of mind-transfers, sometimes returning to their body to try to pick up pieces of their broken lives using the contacts and libraries they had amassed while possessed, sometime contacted after returning to their own bodies by the cults the Yithian intellect had dealt with who now seek to press the victim for information gained while transferred to the distant past, and sometimes returned from the "religious experience" of their "past life experience" as visionaries and cult-leaders in their own right. (YSDC)

Associated Mythos Elements

  • race: Yithian mind-transfer victim
  • Location: Australia in the future (16,000 AD), and the Pnakotic Age (150,000,000 B.C.)