Night of the White Buffalo

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Pages: 19

Author(s): Jay Sprenkle

Artist(s): None

Setting: 1850s, Gaslight, Wild West, Weird West

Appears in: Night of the Kachina (Monograph).



This adventure is set in the New Mexico territory of the United States late in the year 1851. It is a continuation of the adventure "The Night of the Kachina" but can be played separately. In "The Night of the Kachina" the investigators became involved in a plot to disrupt the new United States government. Let's see what happens next!


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


Ahiga, the Navajo Indian witch who created the Kachina dolls which created the havoc in the Night of the Kachina, also had another terrible plan to cause harm to the white men he saw invading his lands. He enchanted four stones, each created by sacrificing a human victim whose spirits became bound within the stones. He placed the four stones somewhere to the North, South, East and West of Fort Union, one of the largest US Army fortifications in the area. The Spirits were charged to allow Spaniards or Indians to pass unmolested, but to only allow White people to enter the lands around the Fort. Any White folk leaving Fort Union would be attacked by the terrible bound Spirits. Ahiga's intention was that this would trap the invaders in their fort, either to starve or be killed trying to escape.

One of the four victims sacrificed to create the stones was Ehawee, Ahiga's sister. This betrayal has left her unsympathetic to her brother's plans, and provides a chance for the evil plot to be defeated.

The Investigators become involved in these affairs when an Indian girl is seen in the Santa Fe market carrying a Kachina doll. After the events of the previous scenario, the characters are despatched to investigate. When they arrive, the girl has apparently disappeared through a solid wall. Witnesses claim she was a ghost. Following a trail left by the spirit girl, the Investigators finally learn of the terrible plan and what must be done to destroy the four stones.


Player Handouts:

Locations: Fort Union is in New Mexico territory

Creatures: Bound Spirit

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This scenario continues on from Night of the Kachina but can also be played stand-alone.

Includes a short section on historical information relevant to the scenario. It also includes the rules for Faro, a card game played in the Wild West.

The presentation of this scenario is very sparse, incorporating a lot of whitespace and spreading out a few stat blocks over entire pages. Despite an overall page count of 19, is is probably more more comparable to a 9 page scenario.

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