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"Bat Men" from the 1982 film Beastmaster....

Nightgaunts are black humanoids with bat-like wings, rubbery bodies, inward pointing horns, barbed tails, and faceless heads. They guard the entrances to the Underworld from dreamers. They inhabit the entrances on the mountain, Ngranek, and are the reason people fear to climb too high on that mountain. They also guard the entrance to the Underworld at Sarkomand and the tops of the mountains that separate the plateau of Leng from Inganok and the Giant's Quarry. They attack at night and are said to "tickle" their prey into submission. The Nightgaunts have been known to take the dreamers who are close to the entrances of the underworld and leave them in the Vale of Pnath, at the mercy of the Dholes that dwell there but are never seen. Nightgaunts are very dangerous and are capable of easily taking down Moon Beasts and stealing off dreamers unawares in their travels. It is said that you are more likely to be attacked by a Nightgaunt if you think about them often.

The Nightgaunts and the Ghouls have a relationship in which the Nightgaunts may act as steeds for the Ghouls and servants. They also serve the Other God, Nodens. The Shantak has a remarkable fear of Nightgaunts.