Nightmare Opium of Leng

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Origin: scenario "The Ferry Ride" by Cody Goodfellow


The Nightmare Opium of Leng is a tainted hallucinogenic narcotic supplied by the Tcho-Tchos through San Francisco, and popular among certain artistic groups favoring darker moods and subjects in art. Taking the drug exposes users to nightmare regions of the Dreamlands, inducing vivid "hallucinations", "dreams", or "visions". The drug may at first serve as an inspiration for artistic vision, but users soon lose interest in their art, with addicts becoming lost increasingly deeply in the effects of the drug, and losing contact with reality. Users feel that the drug separates mind from body to visit things and places beyond human comprehension, a way to commune with the gods of a greater reality.

Some users may experience extreme reactions to the drug, ranging from temporary or permanent partial or complete paralysis (if limbs are moved, they may stay in the last position), coma, or death by respiratory or heart failure; some of these symptoms are, in reality, a reflection of the fact that the user has become severely detached from waking reality, perhaps lost permanently in the Dreamlands. (The condition of temporary paralysis and coma might be described by early 20th century analysts as "catatonic schizophrenia and waxy flexibility, with brief periods of lucid thought".) Occasionally, victims of traumas inflicted in the Dreamlands may express those bizarre nightmare injuries, alterations, or transformations upon their waking bodies.

  • Sanity Loss: (SAN Loss: 1/1d6)
    • Anyone who comes in contact with objects handled by addicts or used to store or prepare the drug for a prolonged period of time must roll POW x5 or start having paranoid hallucinations of nightmarish proportions for 1D4 hours (SAN Loss: 1/1d6), as a "contact high".