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Nioth-Korghai as depicted in Lifeforce (1985 film)

The Nioth-Korghai are first mentioned in Clark Ashton Smith's "The Tomb Spawn", and more thoroughly described in Colin Wilson's The Space Vampires (fiction) and its movie adaptation, Lifeforce (1985 film).

A long-lived androgynous alien race from the water-world planet Karthis. Though the aliens have sometiems appeared as humanoid bat-like creatures, they appear in their natural form as yellow, fungoid, and squid-like beings which have ultimately evolved into insubstantial energy-beings from a higher dimension. The race possessed a highly evolved civilisation millions of years ago, and according to them they created the first true hominids after 700 years of experimenting.

Some of the Nioth-Korghai became vampiric (calling themselves the "Ubbo-Sathla"), and these were outlawed by the Nioth race; a group of these alien criminals, shape-shifted first into the bat-like forms (as found on their spacecraft, apparently the vampires' previous alien victims before their arrival at Earth), and then into human form, in which they attacked the Earth in the late 20th Century (see The Space Vampires (fiction) and Lifeforce (1985 film)).

The name "Nioth-Korghai" was originally created by Clark Ashton Smith as a minor god in his Zothique stories, and Colin Wilson picked up the name and applied it to his aliens in the novel The Space Vampires (fiction); Chaosium has also used them in role-playing game materials.