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Nyogtha (the "Thing That Should Not Be", "Haunter of the Red Abyss","The Dweller in Darkness") appears in Henry Kuttner's short story "The Salem Horror (fiction)" (1937).

In the Mythos

An insidious odor began to penetrate the room. It was vaguely reptilian, musky, and nauseating. The disk lifted inexorably, and a little finger of blackness crept out from beneath its edge [came] a great wave of iridescent blackness, neither liquid nor solid, a frightful gelatinous mass.”
Henry Kuttner, "The Salem Horror (fiction)"

Nyogtha is a minor deity reported to inhabit underground caverns on Earth, resembling a blob of living darkness which may throw out black tentacles or pseudopods at will.

According to Henry Kuttner's original story "The Salem Horror (fiction)" (1937), the Necronomicon refers to Nyogtha as "the Dweller in Darkness"--an epithet used by August Derleth in the story of the same name to refer to Nyarlathotep; thus, it may be that Nyogtha is yet another of Nyarlathotep's nigh-endless avatars. Nyogtha appears as a shapeless, dark mass.

In Kurt Miller's "The Lurker in the Crypt (fiction)", Nyogtha may interbreed with Ghouls and Human Cultists, resulting in Spawn of Nyogtha which are connected to worship of Nyogtha, Cthulhu, and Tsathoggua.

Cult of Nyogtha

See: Cult of Nyogtha, and also Cult of the Rakes, Cult of Mordiggian

Nyogtha has a few worshipers, mostly witches and their ilk. It teaches them spells on occasion in return for sacrifices. In the Dreamlands Nyogtha is worshiped by a band of ghouls. Some ghouls in the waking world may practice this worship as well.

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