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Miskatonic University Library

The Miskatonic University's Orne Library is famous for its collection of rare occult books, including several authentic tomes such as the Necronomicon, and Book of Eibon. It also has several of the more rare and less famous fragmented and untranslated writings.

The library is headed by the prestigious Dr. Henry Armitage who himself is a great researcher of the occult and linguistics. From experience he has learned to keep much of the collection under lock and key. A guard dog is also kept chained up outside the building.

Rare Occult Book Collection

MU Library, Ground Floor
MU Library, Upstairs

Confirmed acquisitions: The Orne Library has copies of:

Rumored but unconfirmed acquisitions (mentioned by Lovecraft, not necessarily in connection with the library):

Anthropodermic Book Collection

The Orne Library is well known for its collection of anthropodermic books (books bound in human skin). The library acquired the books in the 1920s as gifts from two alumni, at least one an avid book collector. The books were not originally bound in human skin, but were instead rebound for private collectors in the 19th century. The library has three such human-skin books:

Crytopgraphy Collection

Various books on cryptography mentioned in The Dunwich Horror (fiction) (these are real books, Lovecraft copied the list verbatim from his Encyclopaedia Britannica):