Our Ladies of Sorrow (Supplement)

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Front Cover

Publisher: Miskatonic River Press

Product Code: 0005

Publishing Year: 2009

Pages: 152

Cover Price: $34.95

Author(s): Kevin A. Ross

Artist(s): Santiago Caruso, Jason C. Eckhardt

Setting(s): Modern

Format(s): Softcover and PDF


In this modern day campaign of supernatural horror, the investigators encounter The Sorrows -- ancient goddesses of grief, madness, and death who, in their multitude of forms, have preyed on Man since he first began to dream. These lengthy scenarios mix elements of ghost stories and mythology and emphasize subtle atmospheric horror and terror on a very personal level. For as the investigators strip away their foes' many masks, they themselves become the prey of The Sorrows, culminating in a terrible choice that could save their lives -- but leave them forever haunted by their grim sacrifice...

Campaigns: The scenarios in this book are linked to form the Our Ladies of Sorrow (Campaign)

Scenarios: Our Ladies of Sorrow: House of Shadows, Desert of Sighs, River of Tears, The Final Cut

Additional: Foreword, Introduction (including notes on running the campaign in the Delta Green setting), Appendices, Bibliography, Afterword, Player Handouts

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for use with Call of Cthulhu

licensed by Chaosium, Inc.

Our Ladies of Sorrow by Kevin Ross

"Macbeth: How now, you secret, black, and midnight hags! What is't you do?
Three Witches: A deed without a name."
-- William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Macbeth

An apartment building haunted by something that taunts, and tempts -- and kills...
A lonely desert where the wind whispers and the borders of reality fade...
A flood-drenched town stalked by ghosts and other, more solid nightmares...

A frightened old man dies in a traffic mishap, chased to his doom by a mysterious old woman whom only the investigators have seen. So begins this series of chilling modern supernatural horror adventures. The dead man's haunted apartment building is the first stop on a fear-shrouded path to confront a creature who is neither witch nor ghost nor goddess -- but some unthinkable combination of all three. Further investigations lead them to search for a group of hikers lost in an increasingly surreal and deadly desert landscape, where salvation and nightmare brood side by side in the lost and lonely wastes. Then another ghost -- this one haunting a food-imperiled town -- acquaints the investigators with a bewildering array of horrors whose ultimate source seems to be directly linked to their previous encounters.

Finally, as the investigators strip away their foes' many masks, this tale of witches, ghosts, nightmares, spirits, and primal goddesses brings them face to face with an entity that has plagued us since the dawn of man. There a terrible choice must be made, one that could save the investigators' lives -- but leave them forever haunted by their terrible sacrifice...

Comments / Trivia

Dedication at the front of the book: This book is dedicated to The Ladies, of course. Madames, my work is done. Your story is told. Now if you would be so kind as to leave me be...?

The book also has a postscript at the end (dated June 2009) where Kevin Ross laments the passing of Keith "Doc" Herber, noting that Herber was working on editing this book when he died. Ross then retracts his earlier dedication and rededicates the book thusly: This book is dedicated with admiration, respect, and friendship to my late comrade in arms, Keith Herber. RIP, amigo"


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