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Front cover

Translated Title: Ouroboros

Pages: 14

Author: Thomas Berthier

Artist: Vintage photographs

Editor(s): Christian Grussi

Setting: 1930s, Lyon, France

Appears in: Les mystères de Lyon

Campaign: Noces lyonnaises


While the investigators are looking into a secret society called the Ophites, a young boy is kidnapped and their patron receives an unexpected invitation to introduce his daughter to a young man no one knew existed.


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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
While researching a secret society called the Ophites, a young medium named Pierre Corbin is kidnapped. The investigators try to locate him at his mother's request. A tip from a vagrant leads them into hidden tunnels filled with Ghouls; in confronting them, the investigators learn that they have been ousted from their former lair by cultists. Meanwhile, the investigators' patron, Jean Cabrillon, reveals that he has been invited to introduce his daughter to the grandson of Bernard Guivre, a centenarian antiquarian who was thought to have had no children. The investigation reveals that Guivre is indeed the head of the Ophite cult, worshippers of Yig, and that they were the ones who kidnapped Pierre Corbin. The group will sacrifice the young medium to the snake god in an underground lair unless the investigators can stop them. In return, Bernard Guivre will have his youth restored, reemerging into Lyonnais society as his "grandson" and marrying Jean Cabrillon's daughter as part of a later ritual to unify the powers of Yig and Shub-Niggurath over Lyon.


Player Handouts:

  • Excerpt from Marc-Auréle et la fin du monde antique [Marcus Aurelius and the end of the ancient world] by Ernest Renan
  • Excerpt from Les origines de l'alchimie [The origins of alchemy] by Georges Steinheil
  • Newspaper article: "Inquiétante disparition" [Troubling disappearance]
  • Letter from Bernard Guivre
  • l'Elucidaire: Excerpt from second part



Tomes and Artifacts:

Campaigns / Scenarios: Noces lyonnaises


Keeper Comments

If the PCs have already completed the "Sabbats mondains", dismantling the Mopses, Bernard Guivre is much more suspicious of their interest in his activities. Nevertheless, Police Inspector Vemet is more lenient with them due to their role in the previous affair.