Par-delà les Montagnes hallucinées

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Publisher: Éditions Sans-Détour

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Translated Title: Beyond the Mountains of Madness

Publishing Year: 2010

Pages: 672

Cover Price: ?€

Author(s): Marion Andersen, Phil Anderson, Michael Blum, Sophia Caramagno, Charles Engan, Janyce Engan, John Goodrich, Steve Hill, Mike Hodge, Mike Lay, Frederic Moll, Rob Montanaro, Daniel Rohrer, Reginald Winston

Translator(s): Yacine Ait Said, Emmanuel Bizieau, Christophe Château, Marine Cottarel, Cric, Olivier Hézèques, Stéphane Lacroux, Franck Lahmeri, Le Grümph, Sébastien Mirault, Colin Niaudet, Ivan Olariaga, Pierre Somm

Artist(s): Christine Schlicht, Marc Simonetti, Olivier Trocklé

Setting(s): 1920s and 1930s

Format(s): Hardcover

ISBN: 978-2-917994-18-4


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