Paris – Enchères chinoises

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Front cover

Translated Title: Paris — The Chinese auction

Pages: 2

Author: Samuel Tarapacki

Artist: Vintage photographs

Editor(s): Christophe Ployon, Isabelle Donné

Setting: 1930s, Paris, France

Appears in: Les 5 supplices, Livret 1

Campaign: Les 5 supplices


In Paris, an investigator acquires a bronze artifact from a Chinese antiques dealer for a friend living abroad. But once they leave the establishment, they are accosted by men who steal the antique.

Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
At an auction for Far Eastern antiquities held in a Paris shop, the investigator is tasked by a friend to acquire a Chinese bronze tripod. The investigator soon ends up in a bidding war for the item with Louis Lonsdale and an Englishman named William Wilburn. Upon winning the auction, Wilburn offers the investigator double the final price, but the investigator must come to Wilburn's office. Once outside, however, the character is attacked by two brutes working for Wilburn, who steal the artifact.



Tomes and Artifacts:

  • Chinese bronze tripod

Campaigns / Scenarios: Les 5 supplices


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)

The scenario is intended as to introduce a single investigator to the campaign Les 5 supplices. Designed to only take an hour to complete, the scenario introduces William Willburn, a British agent of the Chinese wizard Sayk Fong Lee. Later in the campaign, the investigators learn that Lee needs the tripod because it has fat in it from a monster that is able to animate shadows. The scenario may also introduce Georges Guédon, a French authority who also figures in the longer campaign.

Keeper Comments