Pax Cthuliana

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Pax Cthuliana cover artwork

Pax Cthuliana is an unlicensed supplement for Call of Cthulhu by Two Starving Gnolls released in September 2017. Set in London 1927, players must solve puzzles and investigate into England's occult past.


Publisher: Two Starving Gnolls

Product Code: ??

Publishing Year: 2017

Pages: ??

Cover Price: ??

Author(s): Jarle Haktorson, Even Vinjor Røssland

Artist(s): Joseph Diaz

Setting(s): London 1927

Format(s): Softcover, Hardcover, PDF

ISBN: 237-009002830 (softcover), 2370009002823 (Limited Kickstarter Hardcover Edition)


From the Kickstarter campaign:

"Pax Cthuliana" is a dramatic scenario designed for experienced players set in the world of H. P. Lovecraft. Through investigation, puzzle solving, time travel, knowledge of the Mythos, situational music, timed events and horrible scenes, the players will experience an interactive and unique scenario—an epic mini-campaign playable in one (long!) gaming night.



Paul Baldowski of Geek Native gave a positive review of the game and described it as a "genuinely enjoyable and engaging experience".[1]

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