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Delta Green Sourcebook BRP Edition
Delta Green Sourcebook Dual-Stat Edition

Pages: 16

Author(s): Adam Scott Glancy

Artist(s): Toren Atkinson, Dennis Detwiller, Heather Hudson, John T. Snyder

Setting: Modern, Delta Green

Appears in: Delta Green (Core Sourcebook)

Campaign: Delta Green (Campaign)


The investigators, special agents of the FBI, look into the disappearance of 13 people in the area of State Road 70 near the southern edge of the San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona.

Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
As FBI agents, the investigators are brought into a case of 13 missing persons in the San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona, where they will have to work together with the state and the Apache tribal police. In fact, these people are all dead, killed by the ex-Green Beret Emanuel Santana, who is being controlled by the extraterrestrial parasite known as the Traveler.

The Traveler is not only being chased by the police, but also by the Majestic-12, a secretive, high-level government organization, who is trying to take possession of the Traveler for interrogation and dissection. As the scenario advances, investigators receive the help of Ms. Green, a Delta Green operative. At the end of the scenario, Ms. Green invites the investigator(s) to join Delta Green.


Player Handouts:

  • Brief summary of the case to date.

Locations: San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona.

Creatures: Traveler

Tomes and Artifacts: The Traveler's Ship

Campaigns / Scenarios: Delta Green (Campaign)


The scenario is a good source of information to anyone interested in the Traveler, with a detailed description of how he operates, moves and transfer itself from one host to another.

Keeper Comments

As stated by the author, this is intended as a beginning scenario with which to kick off a Delta Green campaign. As such, it assumes that the investigators are not members of Delta Green and have no substantial experience with the paranormal. The scenario is designed to three or four players, but if used as a beginning scenario for a Delta Green campaign, it should be run for one or two investigators.