Pure Heart Society of Benevolence

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Name(s) of the Cult: The Pure Heart Society of Benevolence; The Pure Heart Society First Appearance (name of story, scenario, etc.): The Secrets of San Francisco?

NOTE: Most of the following information is inferred from references in the Call of Cthulhu scenario "Horror Stories From The Red Room"; more information can probably be found in The Secrets of San Francisco; contributers with access to The Secrets of San Francisco are encouraged to add additional information about this organization to this article.

History and Scope

A group of primarily Chinese-American immgrants in San Francisco, California, related to a larger order in China, who have joined forces to fight against the Cthulhu Mythos elements imported by Lang Fu and the Tcho-Tcho; In general, the Chinese immigrants hate the Tcho-Tcho as a malign entity in Chinatown.


Describe any cult uniform(s), any characteristic language and terminology, any special physical characteristics of members (tattos, brands, hybrid lineage, mutations, etc.), and other identifying habits, signs, code words, "calling cards"/modus operandi, etc.

Psychology and Behavior

Describe the cult's beliefs and philosophies, motivation of cult, motivations of typical members, level of secrecy, level of aggressiveness to outsiders.


Notable members and allies include:

The group almost certainly access to their own secure library of Mythos tomes and artifacts, perhaps containing such items as:

The Pure Heart Society of Benevolence is actually a small part of a larger order based in China, and would almost certainly exchange additional help, expertise, and resources with its parent organization.


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