Red Eye of Azathoth

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Front Cover

Publisher: Kobold Quarterly

Product Code: REAz

Publishing Year: June, 2011

Page Count: 106

Author(s): Chad Bowser, Tim Connors, Eileen Connors, Ted Reed, Michael Furlanetto

Artist(s): Malcolm McClinton (cover), Ted Reed (interior & maps), Cynthia Sheppard, Hugo Solis, Kikuchi Yosai, Herwin Wielink (maps), Callie Winters (maps)

Setting(s): Viking Era, Samurai Era, Inquisition, Pre-Colonial America, Wild West (Weird West)

Format(s): PDF and Softcover (limited edition, only for patrons)

ISBN: 9781936781034


All men fear the Harbinger Star. Kings die and nations crumble when the red comet takes the sky, and madness trails in its fiery wake. But those versed in that rarest of occult lore know the Harbinger Star by its true name: The Red Eye of Azathoth.

This series of linked scenarios circles around a returning comet and horrors it brings, this adventure series is set in historical periods, from the Viking and Samurai era right up to the Inquisition, the lost colony of Roanoke, and the Wild West.

Five linked Call of Cthulhu adventures by Chad Bowser, Tim and Eileen Connors, Andi Newton, Ted Reed, and Michael Furlanetto to make even strong investigators tremble!

Scenarios: That Which Is Dead Shall Refuse To Lie, The Silence of Thousands Shall Quell the Refrain, Fires of Hatred Defile the Sky, Lost Shall Be Those Bearding Souls Split in Twain, And Madness Shall Rise to Devour the West

Additional: Introduction, Player Handouts

Front Cover Text

Unspeakable Adventures Straddling a Millenium.

Back Cover Text

Kings die, nations crumble, and madness trails in the fiery wake of a comet called The Red Eye of Azathoth.

Do you have what it takes to battle across history against the Mythos horrors that surface under its lurid glow?

• 887 AD, Holy Island, English Northumbria – As blood rain falls and the dead rise, Viking invaders and English monks must join forces or perish in a Lovecraftian nightmare.

• 1287 AD, Iwaizumi, Japan – Snowbound Samurai must unearth what lies behind the village where babies cannot cry and an abomination hangs lanterns that shriek with a thousand voices.

• 1487 AD, Valencia, Spain – Heretics must escape torture, prison, and the clutches of angels to expose the Spanish Inquisition’s true purpose.

• 1587 AD, Roanoke Colony, The New World – Colonists face flayed horrors that hammer on stretched-skin drums to reveal whose knife dug CROATOAN into the Lost Colony’s tree.

• 1887 AD, Desperation, Arizona Territory – In the series’ explosive magic-and-gunpowder climax, condemned gunfighters unravel the last skeins of the millennium-spanning mystery and stand alone against the full Mythos horror of The Red Eye of Azathoth!

Ia! Ia! Take your players to the mad reaches of our past.

Fear the Red Eye of Azathoth!

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